Let's share our World Domination Map!


I believe that this could be a fun thing. :slight_smile: Let’s share the screenshots of our World Domination maps. I am sending mine in the attachment. Cheers!


Does the Upload File button work or did you use the html code?


misscrystal upload file option below the comment box :slight_smile:


My map domination 10% its take time take the print screen and upload here so i directly write 10% :stuck_out_tongue:


The upload button works for me. :slight_smile:


There’s a cool application called LightShot that automatically powers up with PrtSc button and you can print screen anything on your screen. :slight_smile:


My map domination is 12%


13% for me :slight_smile:


yup i already install prtsc :slight_smile:


22% and I’m happy with that :smiley:


Slowly climbing…


Wow @Mrproofreading very impressive. Mine is at 31% :wink:


Such impressive maps! :smiley:


50% for me! That´s fun, thanks indiepharm


nice :slight_smile:


cool and nice :slight_smile:




8% :frowning:


8% is a great number @mariamughal. With each percentage, you’ll be happier. Guaranteed! :slight_smile:


You guys are dominating! I’m only at 4%. And no, I don’t live in Nunavut, that’s just where Fiverr pins Canada :wink: