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Let's Share Scary Stories

Now I know that this is Fiverr and some people might be all up in arms saying, “Laura…people are here to make money not to read about some scary things that may or may not have happened. What’re you even doing on this website anyways? God all you do is try to start conversations.”

Well dear, I’m sorry I’m social but it is what it is. Anyways, to completely disregard the fact that there may be individuals who look down upon basic conversation in the conversations category, I’m here to start a thread dedicated to scary stories in the spirit of Halloween! I’d prefer if the stories were real but Halloween is Halloween so hit me with your best shot.

To be courteous and set some sort of bar I’ll share a story first, you know, so its like passing the talking stick around the giant internet circle that is the Fiverr forums.

So the short story is this: I turned off a light and a ghost yelled at me.

The long story is this: My father was doing trim for my sister’s bedroom windows and his saw just so happened to be in the basement. I thought he was upstairs (mind you the only way to get into the basement from upstairs requires walking down the stairs that lead into the living room first and then walking through the living room itself, into the kitchen, and into the basement) and he’d left the basement light on. I’ve got this thing where I don’t like lights being on when they don’t need to be so I turned them off. Next thing you know someone yelled up at me, “Turn it back on!” I yelled down to he individual that I thought was my father at the time and said sorry. Yeah. Sorry pops I hope you weren’t about to cut something and I almost made you lose one of your digits.

Well, I decided to go sit in the living room for whatever reason. Probably watching TV, my memory is absolute garbage so I couldn’t tell you what show was on at the time. I remember cartoons though. Then my father walked down the stairs. I looked at him all confused and asked him if he’d yelled anything while he was up there, like if he’d told me to turn something back on. He said no.

Okay…think logically about this Laura, maybe you missed him? Maybe he went outside and climbed through a window? Nah he’s not that extra. I don’t think he’s all that athletic these days either. So what was the voice? Why does it have a thing for the lights being on?

Now tell me your scary stories and maybe I’ll share a few more about this spirit named Harold :wink:


These things don’t scare me… 3 missed calls from mom surely does…


It didn’t scare me, but my mother had passed away about six months ago. Then a close friend, the most caring and thoughtful person in the entire world, passed away shortly afterward. I had talked to him about my mom’s death and how much I missed her and wished her well in the afterworld.

A week after his passing, as I was watching television, his voice came on the television very loud and clear, actually boomed out of it, and said, " (my nic-name), your mother is happy and wants you to know she is very very proud of you."

It would have been creepy if it wasn’t so thoughtful of him but that was his way.


Scariest thing I’ve seen lately was when my wife served me a kale salad.


My fathers anger when I am asleep and it wake me up.

That’s actually a very sweet story, thanks for sharing! At least you know that they’re doing well.


I’m sorry

Hah! Three missed calls from mom could scare anybody.



Alright, because I still have faith in this thread I’m going to share another story about Harold and maybe more folks will find interest in the creepy stories of Fiverr members.

Now…Harold was the man who built this house. He did it with one arm (don’t ask me how because I have no idea, I’m just relaying what I was told by his niece). I’m not sure if he was a particularly gentle fellow but I’d have to assume so because he hasn’t really bothered any of us.

My father and mother often get up before four in the morning to go to work, dear ol’ pops drives a truck and mom is his navigator. My father had turned the TV in their bedroom off and the light and went into his truck while he waited for my mother to get out of the shower. You should probably know that their truck sits facing the house and their bedroom window is in clear view when you sit inside of it. Well, father dearest noticed the light turn back on and for whatever reason he went back inside to check it out. I suppose he thought it was strange my mom would have to go back into their room considering she already had all of her clothes on account of taking of a shower.

Next thing you know mom’s walking into the kitchen and he’s all kinds of confused and figures I must have wandered into their room for whatever reason. Spoiler alert: I didn’t. If you think I’m going to get up that early willingly you’re sorely mistaken. So nobody had walked into their room (and he’d asked my mother if she knew anything about the light being turned on, of course she didn’t) and we’ve come to the conclusion that good old Harold was at it again with the lights.

This isn’t the last story I have of him and the next one definitely doesn’t have anything to do with lights so stay tuned and I might just have to share what he did in the shower.