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Lets Show Feedback On Buyers Profile Page?

Dear fellow fiverr citizens! :-h What do you think about having the feedback/rating displayed on buyers profile page just like it is displayed on a sellers profile page ?

Sellers are already leaving the feedback for buyers so why not show this feedback on buyers profile page ?

I would think that this is only fair for everyone.

Reply to @adnagam: Yes exactly : )

Reply to @sincere18: Yes I agree and as these transaction are two way it only makes sense for buyer’s and seller’s to review each other (which they are already doing)So the only thing that’s left is to show that feedback on buyer’s profile as well.

Many other online marketplaces have successfully implemented this feature for example flippa & digitalpoint.

Reply to @kjblynx: I totally agree with you.

Reply to @sincere18: Just as good reviews on a seller’s profile can be an indication of the level of service they are providing same should be available for buyers so everyone can see transparently what’s coming their way.

I’m a regular buyer and when I order gigs from my old seller’s they offer me priority service just because they know my history and being a seller I also prioritize my long term buyers as I know their history.

Reply to @ricksper: As we can already see feedback for seller’s so I don’t think it matters if they can also see the feedback on buyer’s profile.

Reply to @thextremewp: yes, but testimonials and reviews is a normal part of running a business.

Reply to @thextremewp: yes, of course your sellers know your buying history. But when you are in business for yourself, you are the one needing to make the sale, it’s not the other way around.

But what would you say about a buyer? It’s not like on eBay where you can say, paid on time, and for a buyer hte feedback would be much more subjective as opposed to concretely based on a physical product someone was ordering.

Reply to @kjblynx: Oh, so you mean simply just to see the reviews the buyer wrote for other people. I can kind of understand how that would be helpful, but then would in terms of star rating, I think it would change the system over time and lead to many more cancellations based on potentially information that is not relevant to what that person is buying from you.

Reply to @kjblynx: Wouldn’t being able to view a Buyer’s feedbacks in toto be kind of prejudicial against some Sellers? Sort of like naming and shaming on the forums.

Yes, this should for sure be implemented. It could possibly prevent fraudsters from overtaking the system like they do now, as seller’s could leave genuine reviews. We already leave feedback for buyers, so why shouldn’t it show up on their page? Obviously fiverr wants to create the idea that we all have a voice, and they obviously feel sellers should leave feedback, so what not make it publicly available?

Reply to @sincere18: Since you are a buyer and not a seller, this is one area your perspective would be interesting. There are many reasons most sellers would like transparency for all. What is your reason for not wanting buyer feedback shown?

Any seller can find out what kind of reviews a buyer leaves making a simple Google search.

I find it helpful. For instance, yesterday I delivered an order to a buyer that always seems very satisfied with the deliveries in his reviews, but only leaves 4 stars. So, contrary to what I usually do, I didn’t ask him to rate my order. I hope he doesn’t… :smiley:

Reply to @belengarcia: I’ve heard that before and it makes sense, but I’m not sure why I don’t always see results using Google. I just googled a couple of my own buyers that usually leave reviews for me and have been around a while and didn’t get many results. I also tried sincere18 in this thread since s/he is supposed to be a buyer and I didn’t find any reviews at all. I’m guessing that for some reason they don’t always get indexed by Google but I’m definitely not an expert on that area. I know that not all buyers leave reviews either but surely most of the regulars would.

Reply to @fonthaunt: enter this on Google’s search: nameOfTheBuyer

wow ! great idea .

#fiverr should think about it .

Reply to @belengarcia: wow! it works !