Let's start a new Collect for Collect since they're all full


Hey I just wanted to start a new one for people like me who just started. I used the precious thread but it’s like 50,432,324 pages long that no one will see us newbies =)

But hey collect mines, and on my next break I’ll collect all who collected my gig.




cool i collected !



Just collected yours =)

pretty cool


collected. Please collect my animation gigs


@sheikhsabayyal just collected your gig.


I collected yours @Charliehgreen, @Sheikhsabayyal @youngjess. Please collect mine;



Drop me a PM once u collect mine dear :slight_smile:


I collected yours @Simplyjo


I have collected some of yours, so @hotwebideas is mine.


I’ve collected yours :slight_smile:



I’ve collected yours @charliehgreen @youngjess

collect mine http://fiverr.com/vkeyme

i will collect anyone’s who will collect mine.


Oops! :frowning: Seems I am collecting yours and no one is collecting mine. Anyway, let’s play “tit for tat”; collect mine I collect yours. :smiley:


@gudwriter I’ve collected yours

collect mine http://fiverr.com/vkeyme


Great @Vkeyme I collected yours too.


cool gigs bro, i’m newbie too… collect mine to http://fiverr.com/mang_amie … support!


I’ve collected everyone above me!

Here are mine: http://fiverr.com/aurorar


Ok here is mine, I will follow you guys to

: http://fiverr.com/katylady77


Reply to @gudwriter: I collected yours!


Reply to @aurorar: Thanks, I collected yours too.


Hello everyone, I collected every ones gigs if I missed you please let me know, I will check back periodically, people below me please add me to your gig, thanks all!