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Let's take a moment to appreciate Fiverr as platform that let us build our career and skills

Here are few good things I like about Fiverr .

  1. You can sell anything on Fiverr. You can sell everything from cinematic photo editing to photo background removal. No matter what your skills are there is space for you in Fiverr.

2)Fiverr helps you build a good relationship with clients. Most of the sales you will be getting is from clients that comes to you again after liking your work. I believe Fiverr as a platform helps you build a strong client base and portfolio.

  1. Different price points. You can find any service on Fiverr at different price points. Due to the heavy competition Fiverr pushes you to improve and polish your skills

4)Unlike many other freelancing platforms you have option to both advertise yourself through “gigs” and directly apply for a job through “buyer request”. Clients can search for what they want and hire you directly if they like your gig. This is not possible in many other platforms.

5)Intuitive website and App design and the great courses Fiverr produces is another bonus.

6)Fiverr is an even playground. It gives you opportunity even as a newcomer.

7)Finally the awesome Fiverr forum community. You guys have always been great and helped with great tips. Everyone is polite and approachable.

So these are the things I like about Fiverr. I want you guys to share your positive experiences on Fiverr and things you like about Fiverr in the comment section below. Have an awesome day friends.


Fantastic, nice and appreciative


Not exactly. Only what Fiverr currently allows (which they don’t actually say).

Except it isn’t even/equal. Fiverr promotes some gigs more in the search engine (eg. Fiverr’s Choice/Pro Gigs/Rising Talent gigs). If your gig is at around page 22 in the search results it probably won’t be shown (you can’t access pages around page 22 or above). Only some sellers get access to things like Fiverr studio (ability to become a studio lead or a studio member) or the Gig Promotion option. It’s not equal in buyer requests either - higher level sellers will normally get much more buyer requests than level 0 sellers.


Really good consideration. :grinning: