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Let's talk about magic on Fiverr. Literally

Sometimes I like to go through gigs in lifestyle section just for my own amusement. Some of those are fun, some are a bit weird. What specifically stands out is spells and witchcraft.

I’m a nonbeliever myself and, if a friend asks for my opinion or it is a general discussion, I would go for critisizing the hell out of that practice. But whatever adult strangers believe in is none of my business. If they want to spend their money on aura cleansing, wealth spells, tarot readings, thick hair chants, good for them, that’s not my concern and not my place to force my opinions on them. Same goes for sellers who geniunely believe they have magic abilities, they can do whatever they want, I have no problem with that, even though I do believe they are mistaken about their powers.

What I wanted to bring up is this kind of spells:

These gigs imply that for a humble sum the sellers can bend other peoples will. Will of the people not involved in the transaction, likely not knowing this is supposedly happening to them at all.
There are two ways to interpret this:

  1. Magic is real (or both seller and buyer belive it is).
    These spells actually work (or seller thinks so) and somewhere out there exists an unfortunate person, whose mind is being controlled to make them live the life they did not want. In this case that sounds very much like a crime is being commited against those people.
  2. Magic isn’t real (or seller doesn’t believe it is).
    In that case this service is literally a scam, since the result promised by the gig can’t be deliverred and the seller is aware of that from the start.

I am in team 2, but regardless both cases seem extremely unethical to me. So I guess my question is how is this allowed? Or is it even allowed? Or is it just me and others see nothing wrong here?
I understand that it’s not easy to moderate a category like this and the line between an “okay” spell and something unethical can be very thin. I understand that sometimes people just go for that stuff for placebo or a confidence boost. Yet I still feel like something is inherently wrong with these services and those sellers are taking advantage of people in a bad emotional place.
Where am I going wit this? I honestly don’t know, that is just a topic for discussion, I don’t have any suggestions along the lines of “Let’s go witchhunt mode and ban them all!”.

P.S. And here’s a slightly unrelated cherry on the cake:

P.P.S. pls don’t hex me :pray:


These are hilarious, but also interesting that people buy them!


I’m repeating myself, but I still can’t believe Fiverr allows gigs that say they are going to curse people…


Team 2 here, personally.

I don’t mind the lifestyle/entertainment sub section of Fiverr. You wanna write a slogan on your forehead and record yourself doing a custom tiktok dance, go nuts. But even with those silly gigs, it’s clear what you’re buying. With the witchcraft gigs, I don’t think it is. You’re paying someone to recite something/say something, nothing more. Yet I think a lot of people think they’re buying an outcome. And I think some sellers are happy to allow people to think that, and even advertise their gigs like that’s the case. For something like this, where people are potentially handing over big money, I really think it needs to hit you in the face before you order - FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY

Because you can’t guarantee the outcomes… if you could, I’ll just order every money spell on the platform this afternoon and then shut down my profile while I think about how to spend my millions.

I suspect a lot of gullible people have sunk their last dime into witchcraft gigs, and I can’t help but feel that there’s something wrong with that. I noticed that the money ones seem to be getting shut down. With the direction Fiverr is clearly heading (let us help you with your very serious business needs and issues), I don’t see witchcraft existing as a category for that much longer. And honestly, for the sake of the platform, I don’t think that’s necessarily a bad thing.


Team one:

  • Witchcraft can help you to realise your goal but in the same time you harm others - witchcraft can divorce a person’s wife, and become yours because you love her.

  • Witchcraft doctor can know your present life without any information given by you like who are your parents, where you are living and what you are working…etc.

  • Witchcraft doctor can’t know your future.

Note: Witchcraft can’t explained scientifically.

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So I’m asking this as a genuine question - because I guess I’m trying to understand your side of the discussion.

Do you believe that I (as a man who’s in a happy relationship) could ask a witch to apply a spell, to make another woman fall out of love with her partner, and fall for me instead?

And likewise, do you believe that a woman could buy a spell, that would make me lose the feelings I have for my partner, and want to be with them instead?


All those with a crush on Miss Cubittaudio are eagerly awaiting Cherboub’s reply, I’m sure. :slight_smile:


Oh we had such fun discussing about those gigs the last time. It was quite a discussion, you can check it out


These Gig must be deleted.


I forgot to add “asking for a friend” at the end of my last post… :wink:


:joy: :joy:Is this spell casting thing a real gig on fiverr. Because am new and never came across of one :thinking:

Yes. I believe in both. And please note there are a lot of things that controls the power of the witchcraft.


who can someone can sell curse on online…! :smile:

What does it mean when someone who has spell gigs (where they cast spells and one of the gigs has “magic” as one of the tags) says on the forum “I don’t do magic”? Surely spells are magic (or supposed to be)? So why would a spell-caster say “I don’t do magic” on the forum?

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The all spell and magic are under the witchcraft.
Spell is the theory and magic is the practice.


So if they are actually casting real spells that’s doing magic? So surely it doesn’t make sense for the spell-caster to have said “I don’t do magic” on the forum (which they did) while still saying on their gigs that they cast spells, if casting spells is doing magic. :confused:


Spells aren’t real it means spell caster can’t know your future. But he knows you past and present life.

Some spell casters can do magic, others can’t because they haven’t the experience to do that.

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I know for sure that I don’t cast spells, but now I’m in doubt if it’s magic what I do with some files I have to translate and/or proofread… :thinking:

I thought I was just working miracles with them. :joy:


:rofl: hahahaha - sshhh he will tell you how to cast spells too,

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