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Let's talk about rapports between sellers and buyers

I’m a new seller, I work in the art field and I gained lots of experience doing commissions outside Fiverr. I think that an important part of my work is to establish a good relationship with the client in order to give them not only an artwork but also an experience.
I’m willing to ask you, buyers and even sellers if you want, what do you want from the other person? What do you think is important? Do you have any experiences to tell?

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Hi @lvcrvart :slightly_smiling_face:

I would certainly agree that the experience with a customer can be just as important as the product or service you’re selling.
If they have a great experience in terms of customer service, a bespoke product / service tailored to their needs, and all communication between both parties results in exactly what your client is looking for; this usually results in developing a great business relationship with repeat clients, positive reviews, and being recommended to other potential customers in your clients field of work.

Best of luck on your Fiverr journey by the way as a new seller! :crossed_fingers:

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I’m happy that we share a similiar idea. Thank you, really.

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