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Let's talk about the Dashboard for a minute

Hey everyone,

I remember a thread last year about the Dashboard and its features, or lack of.

I was thinking the other day how much time I spend on that screen and yet how little I interact with it, other than clicking on the notification bubbles.

If adding a specific feature would improve your workflow/productivity, what might that feature be?

I would love to add sticky notes right on the dashboard, or color code orders according to their status.

How about you? If you were asked to add one feature, what would you pick, and why?


Sticky notes would be great! I would also really like to see any reported service errors or advisories there.


That’s a great idea! Like any major announcements or service interruptions.

Good idea, as long as it doesn’t clutter.


Definitely! Like a modest flag or bar somewhere we could click closed.



A Time Tracker next to each order, just a simple Play/Pause button that you could toggle on when you’re working on an order, with a calculation that works out your ‘per minute’ or ‘per hour’ value based on the order value and time you spent working on it.

Also (I know you said we could only have one but ya know…), it would be so easy to vastly improve the Analytics tab, as again, I find it’s useless information. How about a breakdown of revenue per gig type? Or a way of seeing which day/s of the week are your most lucrative…

I am currently able to get all of this information, but it relies on me doing calculations away from Fiverr, which seems to be counter-intuitive.


I would love all of those things. The analytics are so lacklustre. I want to see on my dashboard a history of how long orders for those packages have taken and what the end result was.


Maybe even how many revisions it takes on average?

But analytics should be a separate section than the actual to-do list in my opinion.

I need to see what I need to do next, maybe even a reminder when a message slipped through the cracks? (like gmail does )


True. I think the main reason I’m interested in having those analytics on the main page is to remind myself of what projects need extra contingency.


Also, a direct download link to any attachments that have been uploaded as part of the requirements, right there on the main dashboard.

I know this could be a technical headache, as some orders may have one, some may have loads, some may have none. Perhaps it could automatically zip them? But I get so fed up of having to go to my dashboard, then click into an order when all I want to do is quickly download whatever files I need to begin working on the project. (this is far from a must-have, but if we’re putting our wishlist together…)


I was kind of hoping more people would chime in.

Any other senior members got any ideas?

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Changing the types of messages I see rather than all messages received. I have more spam messages than anything in my inbox and would rather see communications from potential clients. Not sure if everyone’s dashboard is set up the same way but there’s an animated banner that appears under the tag of Upgrade Your Business with lots of empty space underneath.

I’m for doing away with that banner and replacing it with a stationery-like section where we can take/make notes on current orders, post reminders, layout the schedule with current workload which will include their due date and how much time is left (a universal time that can be viewed by other buyers and sellers) along with a section dedicated to quick links for speedy access to priority site areas.

Can’t think of anything else at the moment but this covers the basics.


It would be great if I could give my orders a name. I´m ordering about 5 times a day and I lose the overview.

In addition there could be a thumbnail with the order, e g a pic from the uploaddesign or something like this.

Please excuse my english.


An auto-refreshing buyer requests “ticker” on the dashboard where new requests are shown as they appear and can be quickly viewed. Freelancer(.)com has something similar with their notifications and it is quite handy to use. I would suggest it being optional (in settings) so that those who aren’t interested can have it switched off. Otherwise, having it where the inbox messages are shown would be handy.


If I could have one thing it would be separate tabs in the main menu bar for Notifications | Inbox , like it was before the last big overhaul instead of the current “Messages” top menu bar entry which you have to click and then click again to get to your Inbox vs. Notifications.

Other than that, I think I only miss a notes per customer feature.

I also like the suggestion of being able to give orders names in addition to the order #, might be useful on seller side too, like when you have several orders from the same buyer.

I’m not sure what exactly you mean, something that sorts the spam messages into a different tab altogether vs. into the spam folder of the message tab? That would only work for the kind of spam the system can identify itself though.
I “archive” spam and other messages that led nowhere, so that they are out of my eyes and I only see the conversations with actual customers.