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Let's talk about the elephant in the room

Fiverr have many sellers from all around the world, offering their services. I’ve no problems with anyone, as long they can communicate well 80% of the time.

But there’re many individuals who just can’t understand or communicate properly to the level, that is required to solve a problem or communicate with a buyer. This can mean intense frustration for every party involved.

I recently had a problem with a client who can’t communicate well in English and a seller who just don’t understand the problem (despite multiple explanation).

Should fiverr, at the very least, make sure that all sellers have good comprehension?


Fiverr has multiple “elephants in the room” that are seemingly being ignored/overlooked. From account and review buyers/sellers, adult content gigs, lack of consistency in protection from cancellations/charge backs, sellers outright stealing copyright content or ripping off gigs from other sellers and reselling, and virtually anyone and everyone able to become a seller without any vetting or credentials. It’s very much the wild west on trying to strike freelance gold.

Of all the elephants in the room, accurate language comprehension testing and designation for those on the platform is probably not the most pressing.


I think reselling isn’t a problem. It’s what merchants do, the problem is when some of them trying to abuse the actual sellers.

Like many resellers, trying to get me translate scientific /commercial contracts… at 10-14k words at a mere $100. I quote them over $300 and they ran away.

There is a problem when a reseller literally copies the original seller’s gig, charges more to cover hiring the original seller, and pretends they are the one offering the original service. Quite flagrant I would call that.

Oh, you mean copying the gig description? I think only the logo and graphic designs can get away with it…

With many free logo generator and some app like canvas, their work can be better than a honest seller. Those apps automatically generate graphics that are symmetrical, something that can be a little off if done by a human.

That being said, their gig description would have had to cheat on the buyer.

We know, actually 80% of people posting on this forum can’t write a proper sentence without any mistakes…

Cultural (and language) issues will always be around (the first time someone called me Auntie in China I freaked out! Then I grew to love it!) and being open to other cultures (or just how different people have different levels of certain languages) is pretty much needed now. However… When business is involved I think there should be stricter rules. Money’s money - and it’s pretty important that I know what my buyer wants (and they know what I offer) or things might go sour very quickly.

That being said, I do think that fixing this particular mess would be possible (the easiest, I think would be by implementing a mandatory English course for those who don’t have IELTS/other English qualifications or can’t prove their knowledge through the tests.


In my opinion, anyone can make a mistake in their writing, as long the majority of what they write can be understood.

I just had to explain the same thing over-&-over again, in text/screenshot/videos, to correct a mistake. It was incredibly frustrating.

I think sellers being able to communicate enough, to provide the service that they are offering, is quite important.

I know but this forum is a real joke, I’m not native English, I come from France, but every time I see a post, there isn’t anything correct, sentences are like: “how can do I should getting an order from” and then I won’t describe the following text :rofl:

That’s why many of the regular (English users) don’t reply to those threads. There’s many threads that were never replied to, by anyone.

I sometimes reply, sometimes it doesn’t shock me, but sometimes, I don’t know, they ask on forum why they don’t get any orders or any private messages by writing 1000 mistakes per sentences.
I mean, comon guys :rofl:
I once got someone like this who DMed me for project, I didn’t understand anything, they literally went on google translate, not being able to communicate well in english on an international platform just brings problems for business.

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This isn’t an elephant in the room - it’s an out in the open reality.

You’ve only got to look at the majority of post titles on the forum to see that many people seeking help can’t effectively use the official language of the platform.

This is an English based platform. I speak a tiny bit of French and Spanish (enough to get by on holiday and still embarrass myself), but I would never dream my skills in those languages were any where near good enough to consider trying to sell professional services.

And yet so many people with English that might be at the same level as my French and Spanish try and offer business services. It’s shocking. It’s one reason I stopped appraising gigs - people who can’t communicate effectively need to be exposed so that potential buyers can see the reality of the seller.


Exact, this is how it works, all those people asking help here will never get anything cause of big lack of english :confused:

Yesterday i read a forum post where the OP was talking about moving his translation gig samples from Upwork to Fiverr. His English was so poor i was tempted to ask how he made money translating with that kind of English. Anyway, i didn’t want any trouble so i stayed out of it.

I doubt Fiverr or any other platform would do anything about language comprehension. It’s up to the buyer to decide who they are willing to work it and what pet peeves they can’t overlook.

I do some translating work as well… I think he might be able to do one way translation better (or doing google Translation, like some). There are a lot of translation resellers, always wanting over 10000 scientific / academic words in $100… I did it once, took me over 26 active working hours.

I don’t do such jobs again