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Let's talk about the Fiverr/Payoneer unfair 2 tier system

I’m sure the executives of fiverr and Payoneer have a better grasp of what kind of deal they worked out than us sellers. It’s presumptuous to think we know more than they do about this. Why we are even discussing this is a mystery. It’s not up to us to tell fiverr how to make deals with Payoneer.


WHAT? I have a Euro Payoneer card. However, I was told I can’t do this. (Transfer money between cards). Do you do this?

You can transfer the money from your USD balance to your EUR balance at the mid market rate + 0.5% fee. I have seen the option a week ago for the first time. I don’t think it was possible a couple of months ago. Or at least I have some beta feature.

There is a huge tab “Currency Convert” which lets you transfer funds from card to card and etc.


Update: I am waiting on my EUR card to be approved. Once it does, I will test it and post and update in this thread.


This is the first time in the past year I’m glad I live in US. :us:

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Payoneer isn’t really bad. If you pay in USD. It’s actually quite affordable.

However, if you pay in Denars, that’s my currency the loss is around 3.5%

If you are not living in US then there will be a loss when transferring in any other currency.

If you have any trusted money exchangers then transfer to there account and convert into your currency then they can provide you a best rate.

This depends on the exchange rate for your country. For example, in the UK, the exchange rate means a loss. For me in Canada, it means a gain.

@awdickson Unfair means Fiverr is paying some people less than others. No, it is the exchange that is responsible for that. Fiverr would have to take a loss in service fees and revenue to put this into place and they aren’t going to do that.

I would like to hear of a marketplace that lets you charge in the currency of your choice or gives you a partial refund to compensate for the loss from the exchange rate. Can you give an example?

I imagine the only way Fiverr would do this is, like Amazon, they had separate stores for each country. That wouldn’t benefit us either.


No. Fiverr charges a 2% charge. On top of the rate of exchange. Therefore it is not the exchange rate but the charge applied that creates the discrepancy

But that covers costs.

Serving other countries requires extra resources. They’d take a hit if they didn’t cover that. Should they take a hit just to keep it equal? Not sure why they would do that.

But it’s the non US sellers that are taking the hit! That’s why I’m starting this conversation. Fiverr need to come up with a way that does not penalise non US sellers. How they do it is their concern.

Keeping it equal would mean Fiverr loses money by not covering the extra resources. They don’t owe it to you to lose money. No proper business spends money on extra resources without covering the loss.

First let me say this is great! Proper debate on this issue is really worthwhile, and I’m glad this forum exists for things like this.
Let me paraphrase what you just wrote.

Keeping it fair would cost fiverr money. You are not worth enough to fiverr. No proper business values it’s employees enough to to take a hit.

“You are not worth it to Fiverr.”

Well, no, why would any company take a loss just to accommodate a seller? This is a business, not a charity. The goal is to make money. If they took that approach, they would have no incentive to support non-U.S. sellers and probably wouldn’t favor them in the algorithm.

If you know a seller is going to mean less money for your company, do you invest in that seller? No. Because this isn’t a charity.