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Let's talk about the weather for a change


While I’m procrastinating I just found this hilarious video about the weather here in the Netherlands and thought it was too funny.


The three most useful things I purchased while in the rainy (yet beautiful and amazing) Netherlands: 1. pancakes, 2. a rain jacket, 3. wellies. :wink:

(this emoji does not indicate that it was a joke that I bought a rain jacket and wellies in the Netherlands, I did, and eating pancakes sitting close to a gracht (inside though, gracht and people watching through the window because it´s raining :stuck_out_tongue: ), is one of the best things to do there)


I am ready for Spring. :hibiscus::cherry_blossom::sunflower::blossom::tulip::sunny::sun_behind_rain_cloud:
Even though it rains then. I am sick of snow. :persevere: