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Hi everyone!

It’s been a while since I posted last. I am checking out new threads on a daily basis, but I thought I’d spend some time away from posting/responding as I wanted to focus on a couple of things I am working on since last year.

So, this post is more like an on-going AMA session, though a bit asynchronous.

Here’s the deal:

I want to help by giving back to the community.
I have a couple of projects in the works, creating some courses and maybe even a gig that will help sellers of any level kick it up a notch and start reaching a new level of service.

What I can do here, right now

I can respond to any seller who replies with a link to their gig or profile, with my thoughts on what they could do to improve, or maybe even some actionable advice. My replies will work better if there’s a specific question attached to your reply, and not something generic like “how to make a gazillion bucks?” :slight_smile:

Some much-needed guidelines

  1. I will only reply to posts made here.

Contacting me via my Fiverr profile will get you a nice warning on your account, as I report all spammers directly to CS.

  1. Contacting me via PM here will be ignored.

  2. Right now I think I can only offer useful advice to sellers of ANY level that have however made at least 2-5 sales. I think, for now, I can only help people who have gained some traction, even a little. This may change in the future but please do not reply if you have 0 sales or if you made some sales 4 years ago and just now returned to the marketplace. I just don’t think I have any answers for these case scenarios just yet.

What’s the catch?

This is not a marketing ploy on my end, trying to promote my upcoming gigs/courses, this is more like a live experiment so I can gauge interest and test whether or not I can offer good/actionable advice.

Plus this will help me in shaping my offering, as I will see what the hottest issues are.

Please be patient as I will be checking in during my free time to see if there are any replies I need to check out.

Please respect the above guidelines and stay on-topic as I am doing this on my spare time and I am only trying to see if I can help other sellers. Comments to responses are welcome, but let’s keep it tasteful and respect one another.

That’s all really.

If this thread needs to be relocated, mods, do your thing.

Looking forward to checking out your gigs!

Frank D.


Hey Frank!

Since I joined to Fiverr, Ive been constantly, hopefully, improving my gigs. I don’t complain I get plenty of orders in weekly basis. However I want more and as it seems I’m stuck at this “level” (not literally at level seller things). It’s more like general thing not gig specific so here is my profile:

Thank you!


Hi Frank,

I am a pretty new seller and trying to get some traction; how can I attract more people to my gigs and profile so I can start to make sales and become more reputable?

My Profile:



Hey @jonathank1098

I took a quick look at your profile and offerings.

I think your main issue lies with the pre-purchase part of your “funnel”.

Meaning the offering itself is not strong enough to attract prospects, and your content is not clear enought to make the value of your service obvious enough.

Your profile’s description is too generic. OK you appear to be good in business. In what sense? What is it that you are 100% certain you can do for others and kick ass at it? Focus on that 1 thing and write that.

Delete your ios review gig, as it will get you into trouble (if you haven’t been flagged already)

I would also advise you to delete or reconsider the blog post offering. Your description left me wanting, and it has some obvious typos. (It’s not screaming “great content creator/talented writer)

Now the balance sheet gig, that I like.

I think with a better gig image (add some text to it, get to the point immediately visually) and a more extensive description you may have a chance as someone who does it well will surely get some sales in.

Overall it looks like you spent 10 minutes creating your profile and 5 minutes per gig at best.

That won’t help you get the traction you need to fully test out whether your services stand a chance on here.

That’s all I have for now! :slight_smile:



I have recently came to level one but after that my views and impressions are going down. Can you please help me out with this. Thanks in advance!!.


Hi there @levente_gl

Just finished taking a look at your stuff.

OK at first glance it appears that you are some sort of a jack of all trades.
There are two things in play here:

A) you are targeting a specific audience that is not going to bring in a high volume of orders or big-ticket items. Your offerings are all catered to Youtubers and rising music performers. None of those groups has a strong budget or on-going projects. So you are essentially targeting the lowest-hanging fruit (product wise not meant to label that target audience) and so you are definitely stuck on that “level”.

B) Most of your offerings touch a very sensitive and subjective area: finding stage names and YT handles for people. That is almost 100% guaranteed to get you lower reviews than a more skill-oriented gig, like audio work. You can come up with the coolest name possible, but what usually happens is if the other person doesn’t connect to it on a primitive level, they won’t like it. Enter the 4.0 and lower reviews, that if accumulated will definitely harm your profile’s standing in search results.

Overall I get a sense that while your gig images are well-presented and designed, your gigs look like side projects. Nothing that could be directed to the type of buyers who will bring in bigger projects or repeat business.

Hope that was helpful!


M Tarrannum, I am new in fiverr. I created my gigs and click, view is increasing but I didn’t get any order what problem in my gig I don’t understand that. Would you check my link?Gig


hi @heshan7

first of all let me say that it is usual to hit a sort of “invisible” barrier when leveling up.
A common public misconception is that if someone manages to get to level 1 or from 1 to 2, the sales will come pouring in. That’s not how it usually goes down. There’s usually a plateau in sales, and the best answer I have for that -not scientifically backed in any way- is that the system changes the way it looks at your profile. (and so it expects different things from you once you level up)

But I’m already getting OT. So on to your profile.

The most striking gig image is the one you have for the “problem analysis” gig. But I couldn’t for the life of me figure out what it is you are offering and how that would apply to me. It is definitely an interesting offering, and I for one have never encountered anything similar on here, but maybe you need to rewrite your description in a way that you bring use case scenarios or a bullet point list of tangible deliverables? Like if I own a factory, will you figure out how I can speed up production? If I have an online business will you find leaks in my funnel? Help me see how your service applies to me.

On your other gigs I noticed that there’s either no difference between packages (like all 3 have the same exact description but different prices) or you distinguish them based on hours of work offered.

I don’t think working for $40 and claiming you will work 24 hours straight is realistic enough.

Virtual assistants and menial technical work like data mining and the sorts would be better packaged as higher-priced monthly offerings. They would still be cheap enough, plus the buyer would get some better sense of value.

I don’t think I would spend $40 for you to deliver 24 hours of work same day, it looks fishy, but if I needed a VA and you offered a retainer of let’s say $200 for a month (outlining the fair use of said package in hours or days) I’d feel safer going that route as value would be greater and you the seller would appear to be more committing to a type of job that needs a lot of communication in order to work.

hope the above made sense!

oh and please consider changing your profile pic! I need to be able to tell who my seller is!



I am sorry but as I said above: I can’t offer any advice to someone with 0 traction on the platform. Sorry.


I am Rafi, joined Fiverr last year. I published this gig before three months ago. I completed two orders and got five-star review, which exists on the first page by all tag. Also, clicks and views are increasing but it doesn’t get orders.

This is my link: SEO Audit Report
Kindly, check my gig and suggest me.


hey @omarfarukrafi

your field of expertise is something I don’t understand fully I have to admit.

I mean I know SEO is super-important, and it can make or break a website.

But other than that, I can’t actually tell the difference between an automated report, and something that an expert spends many hours on.

Your video with the automate VO game me pause, but maybe that’s because I am in the video industry and I find those text to voice tools creepy. (the tool you used was also unable to properly pronounce “Fiverr”)

My take on your offerings:

make them more accessible. Right now gun to my head I can’t tell if your gig is legit or not.
(Not enough trust for me to take the leap)

I also can’t tell what it is I will be getting. OK I get a pdf filled with terms and ratings but then what? How will you help me in fixing issues? How will you help my business grow?

Maybe you need to spend some time to make your descriptions more user-friendly, and present your service in a way that makes me want to buy from you because I will benefit instantly by your expertise.

Right now none of your offerings stand out, visually or otherwise, and there seems to be some overlap. You could try keeping the two gigs that actually have some sales, ans spend as much time as needed to make your descriptions appeal to the average Joe.

I liked the idea of the free pdf, but when I read it, again, it offered me nothing of value. Just the definition of SEO and yet again a never-ending list of technical terms and mumbo jumbo.

Offer something of value right from the start. You had a good idea with the pdf, but it’s definitely not the right content.

So to sum up: offer something cool for free to gain trust, break it down to a ridiculous level, help the prospect see what the instant gratification is.


Hi Frank_d

I hope you’re doing great, first I wanted to thank you about this initiative, I’m Really glad, I’m a seller since 2016 and went active only by aug 2017, I’ve made a lot of sales…it was all going good on all my stats and sales but my delivery time was so poor due to the huge amount of orders I was getting. I should be a level 2 by now but I’m stuck at “no level”… here is my profile link :


hey @saaddennis

finally someone offering creative services! :slight_smile:

OK so if you got demoted and are currently at 0-level, keep an eye out for those metrics.

Focus on the red zones, those are the ones keeping your from leveling up.

It’s a lot of grind work to get it back up where it needs to be, but hard work always pays off.

I see your gigs look great, you seem to have a great product in your hands, definitely eye-catching videos and a fair price tag.

What I find that us creatives fail at is formulating a proper framework.

It took me longer than I want to admit to come up with a solid framework myself.

You need it though. So work on your stuff. Figure out how much time you need to deliver a gig, then add a day on top of that for safety.

Monitor your sales and set a threshold, if X amount of sales go through, increase delivery time, but don’t pause your gigs.

Figure out how many revisions you can offer without working forever on projects, and only offer that amount. I know how time-consuming video animation is so try to come up with ways that save you time, but without hurting your product.

It will take some time, depending on how bad your metrics are now, but you can definitely get back on the horse with enough orders. Just make provisions so that history won’t repeat itself, and figure out how many orders you can support at any given time.

hope that helps!


Hi Frank,

I am Parvez, new seller and trying to get orders. How can I success that object?

Link: Profile



I am sorry but as I said above: I can’t offer any advice to someone with 0 traction on the platform. Sorry.


This applies to everybody - creative or not !!! Hope anyone reading this would put it into practice, specially @saaddennis who I see offers unlimited revisions :smiley: :wink:


Yes that’s true @maitasun it does apply to everyone.

Thank you for chiming in!


Hi frank_d,
Can you cheek my gig and keep some advice that I can improve on the marketplace.


I’m Ismail, I created my Fiverr account some weeks ago and I’m yet to have any order. What do you think I can do to have my first order?


This was so helpful, and I can’t thank you enough for your precious advices, my intime delivery rate is at 79% right now and increasing significantly , I hope to get to level 1 by the next evaluation. Thank you once again!