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Seriously? Have you not read the instructions, nor the two posts directly above yours? Frank is not going to be helping you, because you have no sales. This is clearly noted within his directions. Please be sure to read directions before you demand personal assistance.

Frank clearly noted the following:


If it’s a new topic that a forum user hasn’t read before – which would seem to be the case for the most part here, the page loads on the first post. :wink:


If I go to “latest” and then click on the title of this thread your post just appeared.

That’s because you’ve already read and posted within this topic. :wink:


Hi Frank, sorry for my mistake.

Thank you @lloydsolutions for the suggestion.

It makes sense but I think @jonbaas is right, we skip posts we have already seen.

If a member of the forum clicks on my thread for the very first time they get to see the initial post, and then choose to ignore it apparently. :slight_smile:


I am really sorry i can’t understand properly. I promise i do not this type of work next time.

(post withdrawn by author, will be automatically deleted in 24 hours unless flagged)

This is a thread about something completely different.

This isn’t a “post your question” type of deal.

You are off-topic.

@frank_d firstly I say you, thank you so much :heart: for helping.
yes, I am a new seller, I have completed 20 orders. if you have free times, please check my gig. how can I increase my sell? this is my profile
thank you

Hi Frank,
i’m interested in your opinion on my gigs:
My profile

How can I improve my work?
Thanks for everytype of suggestions and tips.

You did not read Frank’s instructions. :neutral_face:


I’ve done a question :confused:

Frank specifically said:

You do not appear to have any traction on your gigs, and, therefore, do not appear to fall within the sellers that Frank is able to respond to. Frank is not able to assess the gigs of everyone who asks, and therefore has limited his responses to sellers that have at least 2-5 sales. Please be sure to read the instructions in the future.

I’m sure Frank is a busy guy… he cannot help everyone. You can, however, read the advice that he has shared with other sellers who do qualify for his help, and learn from those tips and comments. Frank cannot make you successful. It is your responsibility to be willing to take the time and read the vast collection of advice already shared in this topic and on this forum.


Oh…I got it.
I’m sorry so much, I will be more attention.
Yesterday I had tried to aswer this topic but PROPERLY my post had been reported like an off-topic post and I didn’t understand the reason :sweat_smile::laughing:

Thanks for your answer.

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@frank_d thank you very very much your suggestions.:slightly_smiling_face:


Hey Frank! This thread has really blown up, so I might as well ask you what you think of my profile and gig. I’ve been in a sales slump over the last few months. I started promoting my gig on the daily basis and getting as much tips from the forums as I can.

Any feedback is appreciated,

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Thanks for this, I will look into the gig video and recreate it.

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Thanks so much @frank_d for the reply and Tip’s. To be honest it’s a bit scary to add more Gig’s and take on more work then I already have.

On the Gig image I agree with you and I will maybe change it or add some kind of explainer video like the ones you make :slight_smile:

Thanks again and keep up the great work :+1:

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Hello @frank_d,

I’m harshana and Today I earned my Level 2 badge. can you look into my gig and tell me what should I do to improve the quality of my profile please. I wanted to improve my wordpress Gig. my gig