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Thanks so much @frank_d for the reply and Tip’s. To be honest it’s a bit scary to add more Gig’s and take on more work then I already have.

On the Gig image I agree with you and I will maybe change it or add some kind of explainer video like the ones you make :slight_smile:

Thanks again and keep up the great work :+1:


Hello @frank_d,

I’m harshana and Today I earned my Level 2 badge. can you look into my gig and tell me what should I do to improve the quality of my profile please. I wanted to improve my wordpress Gig. my gig


please give me advices @frank_d

thank you so much


Dear frank_D, Please try to do something for us who are new in fiverr. We need tips and tricks from you. Please help us.

please give me advices @frank_d
I am waiting for your positive response thanks


Frank is NOT helping new sellers who do not have any sales or traction within their gigs. He specifically stated in his topic instructions that he is only going to assess the gigs of those who “have made at least 2-5 sales”. You do not appear to fall within those requirements.

Instead of ignoring his instructions and demanding help anyway, why don’t you read the responses Frank has already posted to the people who did follow his instructions? I am certain that you will learn something from his advice given to other people.

You are responsible for learning how to become a better seller. Frank is a busy person, and cannot stop and help every new seller who wants his attention.


Thanks for your email. I was trying to tell him to give a new post with tips and tricks for new sellers and where he can give review about new seller’s gigs. If fiverr is only for old sellers then it should not allow us to be a part of it. That’s what I wanted to tell.


That’s a good idea. However, if you read this paragraph written by Frank :arrow_down:

you would realize that he says he cannot offer help for new sellers just yet. He said that it might change in the future. But, as of right now, he cannot help new sellers or sellers who have made less than 2 sales.

So what’s the point of asking him for help when he has clearly stated that he is not capable of doing that (at least as of right now)? He might do so in the future… You just have to be patient.


Frank established the rules of his topic. It doesn’t matter what you want in this topic, since Frank has set the rules for this particular discussion. Frank said that he will not be able to help new sellers that do not already have traction on their gigs, and 2-5 sales.

Those are the rules of this discussion topic – set by Frank.

Every “old seller” was once a new seller, and every “old seller” took responsibility for the success of their own gigs. Fiverr wants new sellers to become successful “old sellers”, but that is not going to happen for new sellers who choose not to follow instructions, demand things of other users, or refuse to take responsibility for growing their own gigs.

I encouraged you to read the responses Frank has already posted to the people who did follow his instructions. I guarantee you will learn important things from his already-posted advice, that you can then adapt and use on your own gigs.


Hi @frank_d ,
Can you take a look at my profile .How Can I improve my profile and gigs .
Here is my profile link

Thanks :grinning:


Since I joined to Fiverr, I have been constantly, hopefully, having orders in queue. I don’t complain I get plenty of orders in weekly basis. However I am a little bit worry now, It seems things have changed now. It’s more like general thing not gig specific so here is my profile: