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hello everyone can you help me for improve my gigs

Frank_d is offering to help sellers improve their gigs only if they meet these guidelines:

However, you can make a post in the “Improve My gig” section with a link to your gig and others may be willing to assist you.


Hi Frank,
Please check out my gig and advise me

Frank will not respond to you if you do not follow the guidelines he has set:


Its really great I came across this post when i really need it. My name is Valariea. Been in Fiverr for two months now. everything has been going on well. made some sales. can’t complain. however, I see my gig impressions are going lower and lower, and orders reducing (can now spend 2-3 days without an order). What can i do to improve my gig impressions. Besides evaluation to level 1 is approaching
Thanks in advance

Hi frank
I do video and audio editing service and it has been almost a year that I’ve been in fiverr but I gone through some up and down along the way.

That’s my profile link and give me some advice on how to improve.

hay community,
since couple of days, i am not getting orders, can you guys please check my gigs.

Hey check this out and let me know what you think!

Dear Frank D, I am John and I have been selling my voice over gigs for about year. It had gained some steam. And I started getting sales. But then about 3-4 weeks ago, no sales period. So I updated my description, changed prices (went up) then about 1 week ago came down to original price. Stitll nothing. I am still getting on the Buyer Request, but no bites. When I was on Buyer Request I would get at least $5.00 and up gigs . But now nothing. Please help me. The link to my gig is: Thank you in advance.

@iqra_mithani, Frank has these guidelines to follow if he is to take a look at your gig.


Hello @frank_d I’m relatively new as an active Fiverr user. I’m not getting as many orders as I would hope. I would love your thoughts on my gigs and profile. Thanks.

I am new here at fiverr. i have completed 5 orders but the logos of delivered works are not shown in my gigs. please help me regardgig this issue and guide me how to promote my gigs to obatain high levels fastely. thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

That’s not the advise that Frank is offering.
Why should he help you with irrelevant to his topic questions if you didn’t even read what he is offering to help with?

But answering your question you need to switch on your online portfolio so your next works will be shown it if client will approve it.


Sorry for posting at wrong place. Thanks for answering @mariashtelle1:slightly_smiling_face:

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hi i have made two sales on my account and i want you rate mt gigs thankyou

Hello @frank_d although I think I’m doing well but my gigs aren’t ranking on first 5 pages,
Please tell me if you have any suggestions
and I have completed 40 orders in 3 months time with
26- 5 stars
1- 4 stars
1- 4.3 stars
2- 4.7 stars
NOTE::- I completed 40 orders but only 30 rated me

What would make my gig more “buyable” ?

Frank made this offer in February. He has not responded to anyone in this thread since April. I think his offer has expired. :wink:


I sincerely apologize for the late response. Well, Fiverr resolved the issue by compensating me with the whole amount. Actually the buyer said his account was hacked and those people did chargebacks almost all the platform he bought products from.


Hello , I use to have a lot of orders 2 months a go, and suddenly i stopped , and sometimes my gigs are not even showing in the search results, I actually tried all the advices possible, I’am just getting few orders from old buyers , any help would be welcome . thank you.

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