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Did you read the information above? :arrow_up:

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One month have no order on my gigs! but my gigs are performing well on fiverr search engine. Let me know what is the way to get more order on my gigs—

Send 10 buyer request everyday and try to active 24/7 hours, hopefully you will success .

Ha ha ha! Most of the time not getting buyers request on my “buyers request section” that’s called situation.

Why so hopeless ? tray again and again you will find.

Could you please help me?
WordPress Customization GIG

Hi Frank, I am a level 2 seller at the moment, and I’m scared of raising my prices. I feel stuck at this point.

My profile:

Hi Frank,

I am a pretty new seller and trying to get some traction; how can I attract more people to my gigs and profile so I can start to make sales?

My Profile: []


@frank_d, perhaps it is time for you to request a mod to close this thread? :wink:


I agree, @vickiespencer. This thread has run it’s course. Time to close it.


Can you advise me on how best I can advertise my gig to the right audiences? My gigs are getting a lot of views but no orders.

Don’t tell people do to that, please. We already had many conversations in the forum about why that is bad advice.

BRs are only valuable if you’re well suited to them and they aren’t exploitative and you have access to a lot of them. Most of these things are usually not the case, especially if you don’t have a Level.

Focus on quality BR responses, not on sending as many as you can. That’s not how sales works. It’s about value, not quantity.


Am a new seller, pls review my page and tell me what I ought to know. Thanks

I have done too many gigs related to graphic design still not able to get any order no idea what is wrong with my gigs:(

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