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Hi Frank,

I wonder if you got some time? I would appreciate it if you could check out my profile and advise:

I have been nominated for TRS regularly for about a year now, but I am not there yet, unfortunately :frowning:

I appreciate your valuable time to peruse through my gig.



Hi @Frank D,

I wonder if you got some time? Suddenly my view impression going down, I would appreciate it if you could check out my profile and advise:
I appreciate your valuable time to peruse through my gig.


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Hi there

Thanks for helping the new sellers…

Here is my Profile link
Would love some advice from Fiverr experts



hi frank
my gigs impression high but no more view and click and does not take any order.what’s my problem??
here the gig link is my gig


Hey Frank! Thanks so much for the offer. I’ve been relatively new in this site and have yet to make sales even if I have been constantly promoting my gigs on Twitter and Facebook. Is there something wrong? Or the services are just a little too crowded for my gigs? Thanks so much.


Hello frank,
I am a newbie and I have been having issues getting orders despite the fact that I do send buyer’s request offer.
How can I do it? I have been working on my gig and yet no results.


Sorry @frank_d I just thought to stick my nose a little bit in this one. But correct me if I’m wrong :wink:

@mir_jobair as Frank mentioned in his post he will be able to only help people who already sold something and have at least few reviews. Yours doesn’t have any reviews or any sales so as Frank mentioned he might not be able to help you in this case.
@mdmoon665 @jikidedel thre same situation with your gigs.


Hi Frank, I hope you’re doing great. I’ve been working here for 1 Year. Once I had a Ranked GIG. I used to get a lot of sells. Due to one reason, I got a modification request on my GIG. But I failed to modify. Then I had to delete my best selling GIG. After that, I opened another GIG on the same Service. But I’m not getting any response like before at all. I’ve tried so many times to Rank my GIG. But no strategies are working now. Besides, My GIG’s impression, clicks, and views are decreasing day by day.
Would you please give me some Suggestions?
Thanks in advanced.


With over 200 projects completed so far, I struggle to maintain the order numbers that Level 2 requires. What is your advice about increasing clicks, views, and impressions? I have always maintained a excellent rating.



Sorry to butt in, but I am not sure what you mean by this. :arrow_up: You don’t have to keep “maintaining” a particular number of orders to retain your level 2. Once you complete 50 orders (all-time), that particular requirement gets fulfilled forever! If/when you reach level 2, you will not get demoted for failing to maintain a particular number of orders a month.


Thanks for offering this Frank, I think many new sellers are always looking for tips from people who has made it. I created my account a few years back, but had to remain inactive after I received a few orders due to my job requirements. I’m now back and just wanting some traction on my gigs. Any tips would be helpful.


Dear Follows, I am new between all of you; the valuable and experience sellers, kindly go thru my Gigs and suggest and advice for improvements. I will be very thankful for your suggestions.
Thanks and Regards.


Hi Frank.i joined fiverr at May 2018 but i won’t able rank my gig and when I search my gig’s title the 1st page don’t show my gig .What’s the problem? what can i do now to rank my gig?


Hi @frank_d ! Thanks for your amazing service to the community!

My profile is here:

It would be great if you could take a look at it and share your thoughts:)


Hi Frank!
I found this thread very nice of you and thought I’d join in and get some insight.

I´ve bee on Fiverr for sometime and I actually made it to level 2, but last year was awful for me and I ended up cancelling a bunch of orders. Now I’m level 0 and can’t even access to Buyers Requests, so I feel like I’m stuck here.
Is there any way I can promote or improve my profile and gigs so I get new clients and can continue with good work?
Here’s the link to my profile


Thanks for giving this comment please chack my fiverr gig and give me suggestion


Hi Frank D. I am frustrated that I can’t get gigs going on a regular basis. I’m not sure if it’s my description or what, but I just can’t get a regular source going. As I’m relatively new to selling (have been a buyer for a long time) I don’t know the ins and outs of self-promotion. Thanks in advance for this offer! Cheers.


Again my 2 cents.

I’m not Frank but I can imidiatelly tell that you are not going to sell much with those images.
I’m sorry to be harsh but that’s not “a logo”, that was a logo 15 years ago at best, now anyone can put something like that together even in word document.
First of all all those images are clip art from the internet, words and phrases are mismatching the image and I’m not even talking about kerning.

It is not about your description. It’s about your skills in this competitive platform.

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Hi Frank!

First time in the fiverr forums and saw this thread. Hopefully you can help me out :slight_smile:
I have had constant work for the first few months here but after I became a level 2 seller, 3(?) months after that I had less and less orders. I made two new gigs but they seem to not be getting not much attention as well. Any tips for me to help me gain traction with my gigs again? Thank you!

Yes my name is cringe, didn’t know that you cant set up your name here if you register thru gmail and you cant change afterwards. :frowning:

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Hello Frank,
I am a new fiverr. I created my gigs, can you please advise how to make my gigs better and profile so I can start to make sales?

My Profile: []