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Lets Talk - How are You?

Shall I risk getting emotional?

My gut says absolutely no. Never on the Fiverr forum. If I’m honest though (and embarrassingly so now in retrospect) I did once pour my heart out on this forum. It was a very weird (and bad) time in my life. However. when I think about those times now… Well, it was nice to have the forum here.

I’m not going to go back in time and revisit past demons and events of my own life. However, if I’m honest, I really miss how this forum used to be a meeting of friends.

In recent months, it seems like we just come here to moan about the most recent (and horrible) Fiverr changes. - And that’s fine. What I personally don’t like about the Fiverr forum at present though, is that really no one is really talking anymore.

In this case, maybe let’s try a different kind of conversation and let’s see if this place really is still a kind of community.

How are you? What are you struggling with? Most importantly of all, is there anything the community can reasonably help with? ( Even if its just moral support.)


I remember those days when I’ve spoken about my breakups with guys and dating on Fiverr forum lmao I have no filter


Fair enough, I’ll start.

1. How are you?

Reasonably good. My backs started to hurt somewhat less and I’m not gaining fat as fast as I thought I was.

2. What are you struggling with?


3. Most importantly of all, is there anything the community can reasonably help with?

Good music, I really can’t seem to find good music anymore. It’s really annoying to waste hours trying to find new songs that aren’t generic hip hop or some shitty mumble rappers.


I’m doing pretty good, thank you for asking :slight_smile:
Right now I am at work and it’s Sunday morning.
True, working on Sundays can suck at times, but I’m sitting here with my coffee and
chocolate scone, so that’s nice.

I just had a pleasant chat with my boss who had coffee and Krispy Kreme ( OK, he won!),
we laughed about how miserable we are working on a weekend etc, but hey, it’s my day off tomorrow so no worries.

I also got a text from a friend of mine saying that The Walking Dead season 8 is on Netflix now, which means it’s time for another TWD binge watching party at his home!
It’s slooooowly getting colder back here in Toyko, so we are planning a hot pot party.

There are plenty of things I can moan and complain about life, but overall it is perfectly fine. Have a good day y’all!


@zeus777 That is so pretty and delicious looking!

@psychicbunny I’m still trying to develop a filter on what I say but it does not come naturally.

There are some sellers who don’t come here any more that I miss. It was so nice to see all the various people who sell on fiverr coming together to just chat about anything and everything.

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Not bad. I am starting my journey as a Wiccan if that means anything, haha. Other than that, nothing much has been happening.

Mainly with getting more jobs. Not just on Fiverr, but in freelancing as a whole. My main issue is the fact that I am not earning that much money, and as a result, paying bills has been irritatingly anxiety-ridden.

Not really. Not unless you have freelance writing jobs you want to send my way.


Tbh I miss emmaki. I think she got kicked off the forum


:heart: I miss her too.


You dump meat, veggies, mushrooms in the pot…and after they’re gone, you
add rice or noodles and round 2 begins! Best food for the winter :yum::yum::yum:


I have been missing the Forum I knew when I joined it a little over a year ago. The Forum has changed somehow.

Part of the reason is because I miss many of the members who no longer choose to come here, or who no longer can come here.

However, there are quite a few new “faces” who are here that I enjoy.

I remember you, @cyaxrex talking about walks on the beach with your pup. It seems there was a girl involved. I too miss the days whe we just talked on the Forum and did not gripe.


Four types of mushrooms! I will try to make something similar after looking at that. I do love mushrooms. That is very inspiring.

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What a cool post, Cy. Ok, I’m in.
How are you?

I’m okay. I’ve been semi-not-ok lately - dealing with my Dad’s worsening dementia and some other life carp. Then some challenging but cool things happened. I started helping my best friend start her own business, I worked on some health stuff and lost weight and I was inspired to do more writing that I wanted to do.

What are you struggling with?

Being patient with my Dad, finding ways to have quality time with him, helping my Mom cope with seeing her husband become like a child.

Is there anything the community can reasonably help with?

I always feel like I have an escape of some kind here. Sometimes it’s just reading posts that remind me to focus less on things that matter less. In the big picture, my level and my reviews are not worth what I used to think they were. I’m glad to keep getting reminders, escape and friendship here.

Side Note:
@misscrystal & @psychicbunny - y’all can still talk with or just read Emmaki posts. She is the mod of the Fiverr Reddit and several people from this forum chat there. To my knowledge it is an official Fiverr group and fine to visit. Some people use their Fiverr names and some don’t. I’m not sure Reddit is any less crazy than here, but the pepper lady is there.


It’s good to see a different type of post.

I’m doing fairly good - all things considered. My best friend had emergency surgery recently. I was with her a good chunk of my day, which set me back on the Fiverr writing. I ended up staying up until 10:30 last night to finish up what needed to be done this weekend. 12 articles total - It was rough but I got it done. My job at the school may finally go back to normal schedule, which means no more 6:30 a.m. go-in times. I’ll be honest, it was easy for me to get more stuff done in that time. Now though, it means I can go to the gym before I go in at 8 a.m. I miss that more than I do making the extra money to be honest. (I’m weird, I know).

There’s not much I’m struggling with these days. I feel pretty much everything is in control. I was able to binge watch Season 8 of TWD finally… getting through what I felt was a pretty boring season. It was difficult but I made it. Now, I can watch the first episode of last week and the rest of it.

I’m more of a lurker in the forum than a person who speaks out. Of course, some of you know that I detest the new Fiverr feedback system as much as everyone else does. However, reading about the issues some people have makes me feel glad that my life isn’t near as bad as I think it is… I think the feedback system sucks and is not the way Fiverr should go, but time will tell what will happen. For now, I’ll just ride it and come up with a generic hoohaw message about my buyers. What more can I do? :smiley:

I have to be honest, I miss Emmaki too. She def. made the forum interesting to read. I love the no BS attitude she has - that’s pretty much me as well (but in a toned down kind of way). Emmaki was abrasive but she was the kind of abrasive person I could see myself hanging out with in “real” life.


Unfortunately fiverr is become an hard place to survive and sell gigs IMO, I learn a lot and make some money here but I learned that you don’t have to put all your eggs in one basket!

Emmaki didn’t suffer fools gladly. It was so refreshing. Her cantankerous nature when she ran across one, and way with words was a source of amusement.


I feel the same way. I miss @Woofy31 ,I haven’t seen him talk recently.


How are you?

I’m doing fine at the moment.

What are you struggling with?

I’m struggling with getting orders. Mostly when I have orders in queue, I don’t come to the community.

Is there anything the community can strong reasonably help with?

Barclays Premier League matches, I really missed it this weekend.

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I wrote my first post on this thread late at night when I was getting ready for :sleeping_bed:. So here are my answers:

Like many, I have the ups :chart_with_upwards_trend: and downs :chart_with_downwards_trend: of life to deal with.

Like @fonthaunt I have lost some weight, and I feel so much better. However, I still have more to go.

At the end of July, my perfectly fit looking hubby had a heart attack. :fearful: That was quite stressful for my family. :worried: However, he is on the mend, is attending cardio rehab, and he is told he is making significant gains. :blush: He has an echocardiogram at the end of this month, so we are looking forward to seeing how much his heart has improved. :thinking:

What has affected me most lately was having a grandbaby stillborn two weeks ago. However, I keep looking at all that I do have to be thankful for and try not to let that get me down too much.

Getting myself to the gym is what I am struggling with. Unlike @emeraldawnn, I cannot get motivated to go so early in the morning. However, I know my back would not ache, and my weight loss would be faster if I got there. :wink:

True that! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I am so glad I am beyond being a brand new seller who used to perseverate on those two things.

I never knew her, but her reputation makes me wish I had! :slightly_smiling_face:

I miss the :dog2: too!


Aw Miss Vickie I’m so sorry to hear about your grandbaby. I’m glad your husband is getting the things he needs to recover. Thank you for sharing.

Sometimes when we go through difficult times we tend to think everyone else has no problems.
It’s helpful to me to remember everyone has things they have to deal with, not just me.


1. How are you?

Good. Delivered my draft write-up today for my latest gig order. Buyer said he would check with his team, but first impressions were that it was amazing!

2. What are you struggling with?

Finding time to complete my next gig swap out. Striving daily to bring in quick funds because of an unexpected change in finances.

3. Most importantly of all, is there anything the community can reasonably help with?

No, other than just be here. I visit occasionally, read a couple of posts and sometimes respond. That is always a help in one way or another.

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