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Let's vent about cancellations!

This past week, several buyers ordered gigs that had little to do with my actual proofreading, editing and copywriting services. One person placed an order at my minimum rate – without asking – for a fact-checking project that would take half the day.

I’ve canceled about three orders in the last 10 days for this reason. Do other sellers deal with issues like this? I’ve been on the platform for quite some time, but I’ve never had such a steady stream of “irrelevant” orders coming in.


Yes, I’ve had a few more than usual in recent weeks as well.

Part of it, I think, is because October tends to be a high-traffic month on Fiverr (post-Summer vacations, pre-Holiday-rush). That, combined with Fiverr’s aggressive marketing, is probably bringing in a number of new buyers who aren’t familiar with how the site works. Some of those, inevitably, won’t take the time to read gigs thoroughly and place appropriate orders.

Just one of the minor occasional annoyances of working on Fiverr. But I’m still thoroughly enjoying this month and this site, so I’m happy to live with those occasional problem-buyers. :slight_smile:

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I hear you. This past week has been especially frustrating, but there are so many good things about the site. Talking to other sellers always helps me keep things in perspective. :grinning:

I’m glad you’re having a good month on Fiverr!

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It’s quite surprising in your case. If you were one of those $5,- sellers I would say you attract them, but seen your prices and status I’m surprised and again my hope for sanity on the platform shrinks.

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Thanks! Congrats on all your success on here. Hope you get a run of great buyers now. (I notice these things tend to go in streaky cycles on here too. :slight_smile: )

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This happened to me too.Since im doing 2D and 3D animations,revisions are way more complicated and takes a good amount of time to finish off too.So the major problem is,buyers just order a 5$ and ask delivery within 2 days for a 300$,2 week project!

The only solution i found so far for this kind of " non-prior discussed orders" was to add a line in the gig description explaining that “please discuss prior ordering anything”.Alas, 40% of buyers still ignores this…or misses this part.I really think fiverr should do something or add something to hold a buyer from blindly adding non - prior discussed orders which eventually ends up cancelled with unhappy buyers and sellers. :frowning:


Thanks, Donny! You too. Yeah, these things definitely go in cycles. I had a streak of incredible buyers last month, so the spam (and the orders that have little to do with my gigs) are probably standing out more than they would otherwise.

I’m sorry this is happening to you too! I had a “Please contact me before placing your order” line at one point, but buyers still ignored it, and I found myself getting really resentful.

Jacking up my prices has helped quite a bit – aside from this past week – as people don’t want to pay a lot of money without vetting me first.

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Thanks for your support! My issue has been with “higher-end” buyers who don’t read my gig description. I had a publishing company hire me (without asking) as a fact-checker rather than an editor, and they paid my minimum fee for what would have been hours of work.

There are so many good buyers, though – I try to remember that.

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true! after all,its fiverr! hahah.buyers should understand that there ARE things that can be done for 5$…and also that things START at 5$. :smiley:

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Yes, but she doesn’t even start at $5,-

Yes, lots of cancellations over the past 10 days. What’s more, I wish I had canceled more orders.

I personally find Fiverr to be very interesting from a metaphysical and collective consciousness approach. You get waves of people who are not connected engaging in the same behavior simultaneously.

I have no cancellations for weeks and then I get 3 people all message me to say that they have accidentally ordered twice and need to cancel the extra orders they have no need of. Then you get several people ordering things which you absolutely don’t provide like in my case, logo design for an article writing gig.

In some cases, I deliver exactly what my gig says I will. If someone orders copywriting and sends me a brief for the logo and/or video which they want but haven’t paid for, I deliver copywriting and nothing else. This isn’t always possible. Curiously, however, a lot of such buyers don’t even ask for revisions. They just go dark like they are embarrassed that you have called their bluff.


I’ve noticed this too. This last few days it is beggars, and people messaging me saying they got gigs from me under their other accounts and can I do things my gigs are not for.

I’m going to try that the next time someone demands things my gig doesn’t offer, go ahead and send the usual instead of cancelling.

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I have exactly the same occurring. I am starting to suspect that there is some kind of Black Ops bunker where scammers meet to think up and roll out new scam strategies all at once.

One easy way to get around this one is to ask that the person messaging you sends you a copy of the work you have previously delivered. Either this or just point out that multiple accounts are against TOS. - I always do the latter, however, I did have one buyer who turned out to be legitimate as they had left their last company and needed to set up a new buyer account in order to keep on buying from me and others.

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I asked the last one, today, what spell she got from me and she said she got something I don’t offer. In fact there have been several like that. I do have a few buyers who regularly appear under different accounts which I just accept.

It’s suspicious because a legitimate question about my gig will show which gig they are inquiring about. But these are not arriving from my gigs. There is no thumbnail of any gig next to the message. Where they are finding me I don’t know unless it’s from this forum.

I also have a lot lately who tell me about what they got from my competitors.

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Every time an order is cancelled, a little kitten dies. Sad fact.

Sometimes people ask for the impossible and when you try your best they get mad and want to cancel in rage. Some of them don’t even know what they want! But thankfully I’ve only killed a handful of kittens in my time here.

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If only they knew…



lmao I just said that out of randomness and then there’s this pretty elaborate meme

I don’t claim to get quite get it though


It’s weird, isn’t it? I had 3 different new buyers yesterday who all didn’t read my gig description and failed to pay for something that I say 3 different times (including in my requirements as they’re placing the order) that they need to pay for if they want it…ended up cancelling 2 of them. Then I might go 3 weeks before that happens again, but when it does, you can bet it’ll be multiple people at once. :slight_smile:

Oh well…it still beats the pants off of going to an office job, as far as I’m concerned!

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The non-readers are the worst. I’ve just had my worst review ever and after responding in my own review the buyer has listed things to me like my ‘standard offer to include 250-word scripts in videos’ when on the gig ordered, I specifically say no script is required.

I think some buyers have an ideal idea of what they want and they get so excited about the idea of getting it so cheap that they project ideas of what they want onto listings rather than actually read them. Later they then feel grossly insulted when the reality of what they have ordered and paid for is delivered.