Dear Sellers,

Please if you’re going to be late on delivering a project please be proactive and let the buyer know, especially if you are a logo design shop. A buyer should not discover on the day of delivery that their project is late and no communication from you or someone in your organization informing them of such.

This is not about the money being spent this more about time. Some final projects depend gigs from others sellers. For example, I am waiting on a logo that I discovered is late on day of delivery (today). As result my wireframe gig and web design gig purchases for a bootstrap designer is on hold because we don’t have a logo. As result of the web design gig being on hold, the web-programming gig purchased is now on hold to convert the design into the code I need. This is slowing down time, resources and money that are going under utilized.

Most of us buyers are not in the business of spending money on fiverr, just so we can leave you guy’s bad reviews. If we are we need work done. Do not over promise and under deliver, that is how you lose current and future customers. When some sellers conduct business as such it makes it bad for everyone.

Yours Truly,


It’s a nice sentiment, and makes perfect sense, but I can pretty much guarantee that the sellers who should read this, won’t. If they do read it, they wont care. Quality professionals already conduct themselves professionally. :slight_smile:

Save yourself some time and aggravation; don’t expect Fiverr to operate like a well-oiled system of departments with a smooth workflow. Each and every gig has its own set of potential problems (that’s not even accounting for literal system glitches and bugs). If you want to work with a string of freelancers, take it one complete step at a time. Otherwise you’re just playing with dominoes. Good luck in the future!