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Letter typing

Just registered, how do I start typing letters etc for clients?

How do I get started on here, would like to make a little cash for my time typing letters etc for clients.

You have to create a gig from the new gig page.

Check at the top right. Under your username>My sales>My gigs>Add new.

This is on not this forum

Also try to offer unique services. I don’t think letter typing is really demanding service.

You can learn some new skills while working.

Check the 'Tips for sellers" section here in the forum.

Offer unique service. I don’t think so anyone would like to go for typing letter service. I am also writing very fast but i am not offering this service. I am offering best article writing service from last 2 years and yet i made $4k $ still more in pipeline.

Reply to @hhuitson: Read the Fiverr Terms of Service and Tips for Sellers forum section.