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Letting sellers decline gigs and visible buyer review and info

Even if you place a note in your gig that says to contact you, the seller first, before a gig is purchased, there will be buyers who will still purchase your gig, even if it’s not within the realm of your capabilities. I have had this happen before but thankfully, I was able to pull through and please the client.

But there are others who are not so fortunate and end up with bad reviews, just because a buyer happened to be expecting them to deliver something that’s not even in their gig description. So my suggestion is…

  1. Sellers can decline gigs on the get go. There might even be a drop down option to note their reason for declining the gig offered by the buyer: too busy with other gigs, currently unavailable, or skill set mismatch. This will prevent sellers from biting more than they can chew, prevent buyers from receiving work that is less than what they expect, and give other fiverr sellers a chance to get buyers as well (when said buyers have been previously declined).

  2. Sellers can see basic buyer info. Not just the location, but their ranking as well. I mean, what’s the point of rating a buyer if we don’t see their rating at all? It would be nice to see a buyer’s rating, as well as the reviews they receive. That way, when the seller is deciding whether or not to take on the gig offer, they will know the buyer’s history as well, positive or negative, and therefore will not be accepting the gig blindly.

    With these two suggestions, I think it will be some steps towards fiverr being more seller friendly. After all, the 20% cut is taken from the sellers, not the buyers.

Absolutely, hands down, one of the best forum posts I’ve read and HOW is this not getting more attention and discussion? This idea/suggestion positively HAS to be implemented. While the foundation of any business is that the customer is always right, any business should have the option of turning down customers that are not reasonable with their purchase demands (or any other number of reasons).

The buyer rating is also paramount to be displayed, look at eBay, buyers and sellers have ratings available to be seen, why would you not want to know that your buyer has a negative rating before he wants his money back because the sneakers he bought “didn’t fit” but are full of mud and weeks worth of wear?

Its one thing to want to protect buyers, but the sellers need to be protected just as much and the only way to do that is to implement the same profiling system for buyers as you do for sellers. Let’s be honest if a buyer gives you a negative review, something obviously went wrong along the road and the seller should be able to afford a negative review and commentary (if warranted) based on the buyers behavior and demeanor.

I’m just about to turn to level 1 and already have just about enough orders for a level 2 rating, just not the number of days, but already this unfair slant has me considering other freelance options. I enjoy providing the services I’m providing, but at the end of the day, I won’t stay with an organization that unfairly slants the playing field against me as a seller.

I know it’s been a while since I posted this. But one good thing is the mutual cancellation. At least now, if the gig has been purchased and the seller feels they cannot deliver, they can offer to mutually cancel without getting negative reviews. Still, it would be a lot better if the sellers can decline gigs on the get go so there would be no hassle and time wasted between both the sellers and the buyers.

You raise very good points as well sir. Sellers do need to be protected since we are actually the ones bringing in money for Fiverr. We are Fiverr’s customers in a way, so it would be a big boost to make certain adjustments to suit our needs as well.

totally agree! I am suffer form the20% charge , also some of the buyer just place the order without any contact. 1 gig for a large project…

what I can do just asked the buyer to cancel the order , But it will affect our record.

fiverr ! do something please!!

For few days they was started showing “Buyers Review” page but now it’s disappeared. Currently seller have no way to know what’s their buyer status. Fiverr suppose to re-activate that feature and some more, like their ranking. Don’t know what’s have inside their mind.

Thanks for your posting.


I totally agree, this change needs to happen and it is long overdue!

Will this be something that will ever be added?

I had to cancel one who needed Chinese translated (I offer Japanese translations), and another who wanted me to do a 3000 word translation at about half what I would charge! I’ve only been selling for a week, and already two cancellations… I hate to think about how exactly this affects my rating…