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Letting the client sample work for me, but why not order?
Need help for this


what’s kind of help you need?


I want to know if I am making a mistake that the client is taking samples from me but not ordering?

every client want to see samples of works, it’s natural

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If you’re giving your work away for free, why would they place an order?

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then what can i do right now

You can show them samples of the work you did in the past, so they can see whether your work suits their needs. If they want a custom sample, something that you’d make specifically for them, charge them for it. If they refuse to make a purchase, it’s unlikely they were ever going to place an order.

Of course, there’s always the possibility that they didn’t like the sample that you’ve sent them, and that that’s why they didn’t place the order.

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Thanks for your suggestions