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Level 1 Achieved in one month and have earned $156

It has been one month since i started selling and i have earned $156. I always strive to provide quality work in order to get regular buyers. If you are a new seller, i would advice you to stop focusing on money but focus on providing quality work. This way, you will build good relationship with your clients with they will become your regulars.

All the best to everyone

Congratulations! There you have the reward for your hard work. Keep on working on it and good luck.

Thanks and Good luck to u too @robhighpear


Thanks @julipalmer7 and good luck to you too

2nd Month. Set the goal to 500$ :slight_smile: Best of luck btw.

Congratulations! Well done keep it up.

Sure, i will do that my friend . Best of luck to you too

Thank You James. Good luck to you as well

Congrats! :slight_smile:

@fitrigwrites4u Thank you

congratulation esthern…best of luck of your future

Congrats, Good luck, hope to see u level 2 soon :slight_smile:

Thanks, only 15 days left for me to become a level 2 seller… Good luck to you too Nasir

Best of luck to you too Sarjeel

how in 15 days ?

Doesn’t it take 2 months and at least 50 individual orders?