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Level 1 Achieved

It took me a little extra time than I thought but now I have reached level 1, I am trying to get as many repeat buyers as I can and I have successful in this, mainly because of my work quality. Mainly the thing that has helped me the most is sending offers to buyers requests and being online most of the time. I got more orders from buyer’s requests and some buyers told me that they accepted my offer only because I was online at that time and they wanted a quick communication.

Congratulations on your hard-earned Fiverr promotion!

Could you please provide me the link to the buyer’s requests page?

Thanks everyone.

Great. I need three more orders to reach level one.

You should try buyer requests. One out of 10 ten do order. It is best to send them a custom message and telling them how you may be able to help them.

@acrovyn: Congratulations to your achievement. For me it took way more than I was hoping, but finally happy to say that I have reached level 1 as well. Indeed it is great feeling and looking forward to level 2 :slight_smile:

great news!!

Congrats! I’m also on the way of level one.


Can anyone tell me that how to achieve level 1 ?


When you are a starter it is hard to get noticed sometimes as you don’t show up in the rankings at all and you disappear from the NEW GIGS section after a while too, I would say try BUYER REQUESTS. I got a few clients from this section and they send me repeat orders too. So I would say don’t wait for people to order, tell them of your presence.

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Reply to @theratypist: Thank you very much.