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Level 1 and up sellers should have payment clearance time reduced


Sorry if this is already a suggestion somewhere, but I’ve noticed that Fiverr takes two weeks to clear payments for withdrawal. I completely understand why this is done, but I think one of the perks of being a level 1 and up seller should be faster clearance times. Feedback ratings would also be a factor in something like this.

To me it would make sense to implement something like this because you’ve proven your worth as a reputable seller by reaching level 1 in the first place, ergo Fiverr should trust you a bit more by cutting down on your payment clearance time.


Level 2 and up sellers don’t need it reduce because by that time you’ve been here long enough that funds are clearing every day.

Fiverr already clears funds overly quickly,… WHAT? How could I say that?

Well, they’re still left with some risk from Pay Pal charge backs and customer service complaints. Most purchases have a presumptive 30 day refund policy, and as such, fiverr is paying us long before there could be issue…and there’s even if there isn’t a deeper problem.

This is not needed, has been requested elsewhere, and something I don’t suspect will happen.


yup I get payed every week ( infact about 1 hour ago) so I havent thought about the wait time for ever… most regular jobs you get paid every 2 weeks so I never understood the reason so many people have issues.

Plus I have had a few extremely pushy and rude buyers that I was just not happy working with and if those funds already cleared and I have to refudnd them I would not be happy seeing that negative on my paypal