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LEVEL 1 AT LAST & Milestone!


HOOORAAYYY!! After some really hard work finally got level 1! and got my 176th order today! WOHOOO!! SO HAPPY :O)


Congrats @designhero.

@hellographic -> One has to be on Fiverr over 30 days to get Level 1. Perhaps that is why he has so many orders before getting his Level 1. 176th order though, my goodness wow.

Looks like you do lots of quality work @designhero. Well done.


Congratulations! OMG 176th order, do you need that kind of order numbers to reach level one now?? :open_mouth:


Congrats =D> Great work and best wishes




Next stop, level 2!!


Thanks guys! Aiming for TOP rated seller, of course 2nd step is lvl2. :smiley:


Congratulations! Great work!!! Keep it up.


@all Thanks guys!

@hellographic: AS kuzz said, you just need at least 10 orders and be active for 30 days to level 1.

@kuzzmedia: Yeah, Was fortunate to have my gigs boomin. :slight_smile:


That’s really something !


grats!! I can’t wait to get there…


@designhero congratz bro ! Keep it up.

ozzieuk said: That's really something !

ahiruduck said: grats!! I can't wait to get there........

Thanks! You will surely be there =)


It’s pretty impressive 176 gigs ! And still not level 1 with all these sales ? I think i’m jealous ! I just got 9 orders in 10 days, i’m already happy, but of course, i want more, i love working :slight_smile: Congratulations !


Congrats! :smiley:




YAY! I got my level 1 today!! still, only 23 gigs completed :frowning: can’t wait to get to my 176th one lol


@all Thanks guys!

@ahiruduck, you’ll surely be there! Hang in there bro.


Congrats OP and congrats all the new level 1 sellers! :slight_smile: I’m aiming for level 2, so working hard when gigs come in :slight_smile:


176/30 = 6 orders per day. Currently you don’t have any orders. Are you sure you got 176 orders??? Huhuhuhu…