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Level 1 badge has been achieved


Hi all, I have become a Level 1 seller with all positive review !!!
Thanks all. It took almost 4 months :slight_smile: Maybe too slow or maybe average or fast.
Now I find lots of BR in BR section. But about half or more of them are sellers request. This is little bit unexpected.

Thanks Again


Congratulations. It doesn’t matter how long. It is how well. I’m sure you have learnt a lot and will continually do your best to improve every day.

Good luck in the future.


Congratulations. Best wishes for your continued success. :slightly_smiling_face: I think of Buyers Requests as the most talked about “garden” on the forum in which you have to do a lot of weeding.


Thanks for your inspiring text. Really I’ve learnt a lot and am learning everyday to serve better.


Buyer requests page offers lowest rate offers you can imagine but surely it gives you a great starting point. I started from there by getting only $25 project almost 2 and half month back now i am about to complete my first $2000. I know they are not much but after 2 and half months they are good.


Amazingly all of my orders are from that buyers page.


I think it is great. People just complain about the sellers posting there. Just weed them out and you are good to go! :slightly_smiling_face:


Most of my orders are also from BR. But I wish if there are no sellers request! Your performance is awesome.


Yes thats a big issue there and more over there are people who are regular middle man either they post way low rates by re posting buyer requests and convince you to start work without no money. But they are very good people also there and if you are good in service they all come back. My all clients comeback except 1-2. I completed 17 orders meanwhile.


In which category you work?


In Graphics Design, and you?


I work in programming and tech.


Believe it or not, I wrote the line - you might be in programming? But deleted.


I will start my services in graphics and animation. I am planning to work in 3d models as well. I have made 3d animations earlier so with pro category that is feasible now to work in that category on fiverr


I am learning WP, PHP, My SQL and will work on them. Trying to become a fulltime seller here in fiverr. You are very skilled.