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Level 1 benefits


Recently i have become level 1 seller. I want to know what benefits will I get from it? e:g; no of gigs? no of bids? etc…


Congratulations for reaching level 1. I hope to reach that level soon too. By the way, does being in level 1 increase number of orders you receive?

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Buyers see Level so it increases the level of trust in you.
That you have completed sufficient orders.

When choosing on seller buyer usually will prefer one having Level 1 over a no level seller. And Level 2 over 1. Further TRS over Level 2.


That’s correct, It Increases your chances to get more orders but not surely.

If you have a good gig discription and great reviews you’ll get more orders for sure.

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Thank you for enlightening me. I will work hard to reach those levels! :slight_smile:

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The most important thing is the BADGE - THE CONFIDENCE of doing…

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I have been a level 1 seller for the last 3 weeks and since then I have been getting orders once a week. What could be the issue?

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As I said above, you have a good description, good portfolio and good reviews + the level 1 or 2 badge = more orders. That’s It

So try to find similar good sellers like you, and see what they offering and how they wrote their gig description and find the problem by yourself.

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Hi all,

I’ve reached level1, one week ago.
I used to get thousands views per day, but this last week has been terrible…

I believe level1 is like the purgatory of sellers and I’ll explain why:

Even if achieving level1 gives the buyers a better idea about us, I’d say that the combination between “price” and “level” is fundamental.

Let’s say a buyer is looking for a low budget service, something like a logo for 50$ (which is actually one of my Gigs, more specifically the Gig that took me to level1) and he refines his search by selecting a price range between 5$ and 70$, I don’t think he’s also gonna look for “level1” designers (or above).
That’s simply because a low budget logo maker is most likely a “new seller” rather than someone who’s been here for longer and achieved level1.

I don’t know if my imagination goes too far but I can clearly imagine 2 guys on a laptop looking for a low budget logo and they’re conversation would be something like:

A. “ok here we go, so how much do we wanna spend?”
B. “yeah, put 50$ maximum, let’s see what happens”
A. “ah look, what designer level do we want? There’s new sellers, level 1, 2 and pro”
B. “nah, just go for new seller, I bet prices get higher for higher level”
A. “that’s right, new seller then”

…And that’s basically how I passed from getting 2.5 views per day to be totally forgotten as a level1 seller.

Now I believe this might even be a strategical move from Fiverr, becuase if I want to get to the next level, I guess I need to be able to promote my service a bit more.
In my case, I’ve never been a social media person… So I need to try to get some audience from other sources.

And that’s fair actually, it’s a challenge, nothing comes for free.
“New seller” means “we encourage you to do your best”.
“Level 1” means “prove it!”
And then I guess Level2 will be something more similar to heaven :slight_smile:

However it goes, good luck to all of you (us).



good advice! It changed my mind

Congratulations for reaching level 1

This thread is going on 2.5 years old. Not sure why it needed to be revived?



I suggest you search regarding this topic on this forum as I think there are already many posts regarding this.