Level 1 :D


Hello Guys,

I signed-up at fiverr on July 2014 but without any serious to start selling, I don’t even remember that I created any gig or not, but in the last month ‘January’ I created my first gigs and then with other gigs, I got 10 order and I earn 88$ and I reached Level 1 seller in 20 days :wink:

I’m so happy with this


congrats for sure. stay focused and build on it to gain success… Welcome to the club.


Congrats Bro… Keep doing a good job and i am sure you will enjoy being a part of the Fiverr Sellers as i am :wink:

Just an advice, try to improve your Avg. Response Time :wink:

Best Regards.




Thank you guys :wink:

Reply to @ahessane87: This’s the secret and I’m work on it :smiley:


Reply to @muradbougraine: Be careful with your response times. It’s better to keep them long and deliver quicker than to end up getting behind and going late. There are too many things with Fiverr that can wrong that you have no control over. You’re already making good sales, don’t do anything too risky. :slight_smile: