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Level 1 Expectations?

Hi Fiverr’ss
I was wondering if becoming “Level 1” actually bears fruit by it self?
From what I understand it does not give you better rankings , some gig extras etc.
Do buyers see “Level 1” and think the seller has greater competency? I would appreciate any feedback from Level 1’s thanks


You get faster reply on your communication with CS
You can see buyer request all the time
Buyers can see that you are level one, better than level 0
You can add up-to 10 or 12 gigs


Of course! A level 1 seller is more trustworthy than a level 0 seller. Well I am also new and I think I will become level 1 in the upcoming evaluation. Really looking forward to it.

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Yes me too, its been a tightrope though.

From what I understand, Fiverr has updated the list of benefits level 1 sellers enjoy.

They have removed the priority customer support benefit from the list.

If I am not mistaken, a few months back, priority customer support used to be listed here too :arrow_up:


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Think that is a rather sweeping statement!

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Yeah, not always the case. There are many sellers who have more than a hundred excellent reviews (which can vouch for their trustworthiness) and 5-star ratings but are still level 0 for no fault of theirs (probably due to issues such as customers “ordering by mistake”).

But I am not sure whether the buyers perceive it the same way too? Maybe they do assume level 1 sellers to be more trustworthy than the level 0 sellers. :thinking:

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