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Level 1 - first taste of badge achievement on Fiverr!

Hello all,

Just till today afternoon, I was a new seller. And now my profile has earned Level 1 seller, a deserving badge. I’m always motivated. Here are few things, I would like to share with you all:

  • Always be friendly and professional in your communication
  • Be realistic in your gig offers - this does half of your work
  • Give unlimited revisions.
  • Let the buyer feel that you’ll always be there for them
  • Always feel, “I’m confident and I’ve achieved it”
  • Do basic things - attend buyer requests, remain active on forum, learn from blog and courses, attend tests
  • Make sure your gig info is up-to-date and of high-quality - gig image, title, description, tags
  • Work with joy as work+joy=joy :slight_smile:

Thank you for your wishes in advance and good luck to all of you.


Good Luck for your achievement! Keep up the good work! :+1:

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Congratulation… Go ahead

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Thank you very much.

Thank you so much for the best wishes.

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Hi Jigna,
Great achievement so far! Congratulations!

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congratulations for your great Achievement

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COngrats!! Thanks for sharing Info!

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congratulations and best wishes for you

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Thank you @squarespacegirl for your wishes.

Thank you very much @colorpicx

Thank you @chris_ld

Good things double up when you share with others :slight_smile:

Thank you @mahmudamitu for your best wishes.

Congratulations but Give unlimited revisions. ??? No, it shows you are not comfortable with your work.
Your idea can work for the poor buyer but in the long run…! Fiverr discourage never gig unlimited revision.

Thank You

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I’m always open to learn and know about different perspective. I appreciate you sharing yours. Thank you.

congratulation…keep it up

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Congrates for your achievement. :clap:

Beware unlimited revision attracts trouble

congratulations and also thanks for your advise

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Congratss And more power to you.

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Congratulation…Best wishes.

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