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congratulation & wish you all the best :heart:

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Thank you @josbinmathew

@techengine742 can you please elaborate it more to get the actual idea? Thanks

@masrurimran thank you for your wishes and glad you liked my advice

@anee2girl thank you very much for your wishes.

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@sadia_afrin thank you for your best wishes

Yeah sure @logosupreme

What I meant is that offering unlimited revisions may attract a very small sections of buyers who’s sole moto is to prey on sellers squeezing out as much free work as they possibly can in the name of revision and sometimes even cancels the order after delivery.

If you read through some of the post in the forum you will see sellers posting their horror stories. I personally faced it too even though I hadn’t offered unlimited revision. It was because I wasn’t aware of the fact that choosing no revision(leaving the revision field unselected) in a custom offer defaults to unlimited revision. It was only cleared to me after I had a chat with the CS.

I frequently read other people posts about their problems so that I can learn from them and avoid making them myself.

I may be wrong but from what I perceive unlimited revision doesn’t mean good work rather it presents a kind of negative impression to the good buyers. A professional buyer would be very clear from the beginning what he wants and a professional seller wouldn’t need to redo his work most of the time.

In fact a good buyer would question your abilities if your offer unlimited revision and would not want to take the risk.(I read this beautiful line from a post in this forum, I couldn’t remember where though)

You need to redo a work the 10th time only if you are not an expert.

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