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Level 1 - From A Buyers POV

Do you think it’s possible there’s a possibility that when people come to Fiverr as a buyer and they’re looking for a gig that when they see ‘1’ and ‘2’ on our profile pics that they think 1 could be a better level than 2?


In the buyer requests section I think I’ve read some in the past that said “at least level 1” or something similar but none that wrote something as though level 1 was the highest. While some buyers might I think most will know level 1 is lower than level 2 on Fiverr. Also if they ever click on the level icon they can see the definition and will know for sure which is the highest.

You could create a poll in the forum for buyers to see what they think.

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A former seller on Fiverr who used to frequent the Forum and has now moved on asked all of his buyers which level they thought was the highest level. He said that many of them responded that they thought Level 1 was the top level, well other than TRS and PRO.


It almost needs a bit of a shake…perhaps Gold, Silver and Bronze before TRS.


Though if the buyer sees the seller level section in the “refine results” part of a search, where it says,
“New Seller, Level One, Level Two, Top Rated Seller” (going down the screen) that should give them an idea which levels are higher than others.

Though I think we should have at least 1 more level anyway :slightly_smiling_face: so they could be split better and the gaps between levels were a bit lower.


It’s confusing for buyers. Level one sounds better than level 2. Bronze, Silver and Gold would be much, much better.


Hello All

And, this is a great little tweak to the system we all know…do it!

May be buyers have wrong concept about level system. When I was level one seller I got many orders, but currently I got almost zero order! Now I am level 2 seller.

I’m sorry but this would cause carnage and be like a motivation wrecking ball. Gold, silver, and bronze are more psychologically linked to perceptions of accomplishment.

The problem rests with the fact that you can be a silver medal / level 2 seller and not have a modicum of talent. You’ve simply got there because you deliver a template of something, charge rock bottom prices, and/or people rate you out of convenience, not quality.

Take video animation. Some sellers resell templates and have next to zero animation or editing experience. A typical order takes them 15-minutes to an hour. Other sellers create videos from scratch. This takes longer and they don’t turn around as many orders any where near as quickly.

A silver star would imply that a seller like a template video seller delivers a more superior product to a bronze rated seller. However, this will often not be the case. Of course, you can ague that this might be how people perceive level 1 and 2 already. (Even if some buyers get confused.) However, the present level system (aside from TRS) implies seniority more than it does quality.

There is also have the fact that depending on lighting, screen display, etc, some buyers might start confusing the color bronze with the color gold.

It basically comes down (for me at least) to seniority vs accomplishment psychological perceptions of levels. Now you can be a level zero seller but still be percieved a an accomplished seller thanks to your reviews. By comparison, if level 0 suddenly became level wood, people would think you are a bit naff, no matter how many reviews you have.


OK but can we agree that you deserve a gold badge for this expertly-thought-out analysis of why this would be an issue? :medal_sports: Excellent points :sunglasses: