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Level 1 Hell - Pass the test - New Sellers

At some point, hearing about freelance, you think, “wow, I can make that kind of money on the side?!” Maybe you read an article or watched a YouTube video and it all sounded perfect for you.

You do some research and find fiverr. By far the easiest way to get started in freelance. You sign up, build a gig, do some research, refine your gig, and jump into the market.

You get the boost for being a new seller and you quickly rack up a few sales. Everything feels perfect and you’re ready to take over the freelance world!

You easily get promoted to Level 1 and throw a tiny celebration in honor of your new-found success!
You lean back in your chair, wait for the fiverr skies to part, and for it to rain orders.

And then….nothing. No orders. No impressions. No inquiries. No money.

Then the doubt begins to creep in. Welcome to Level 1…aka Fiverr Hell.

This is a COMMON “trap” on Fiverr. Most people come to Fiverr believing that they are going to crush it. They start off getting a few sales and their optimism shoots through the roof.

Then the reality check of “Level 1” sets in. I’m 100% convinced that Fiverr considers Level 1 as a test. They probably expect most people that reach level 1 to not make it. And that’s reasonable. The rigors of freelance work are not for everyone. Level 1 tests the commitment and to some extent, the service skills.

My number one tip to any new freelancer (especially on Fiverr) is to know that it takes time. During that time, do what you can to help yourself. Study competition, learn a new skill, refine something that you currently offer, etc. Find some way to move forward. Eventually, the sales will come if you have something to offer.

Yes, you will occasionally see a random seller just go through the roof with no explanation. It happens but it’s not common. Just ignore that and do your best.

When I started on Fiverr, it took me 9 months to earn over $100 a month. But once I broke $200, it increased quickly. I could have easily given up. And truth be told, I considered it a few times.

The day I began my Fiverr journey, I distinctly remember seeing another guy in my category that was also brand new. We were both “New Seller” level and he had exactly 1 review. 1 more than me!
He was very similar to me in offering and skill. I considered him direct competition and watched him closely. His gig is still active to this day. I have over 1100 reviews and he still has around 50. I’m convinced that the only difference between that seller and I is that he gave up. Nothing on his gig ever changed. He built it and expected them to come. I built a gig and then refined it over and over and over.

TLDR, #1 TIP: Realign your expectations to long term. Do not get frustrated. Pass the Level 1 test.

Never give up.

Good luck


Hi,very well said it’s easy to achieve level one on fiverr.i have gone through all this.gotten few orders when I started.thereafter a big silence.but I knew I know work just stacking there.and now I am getting regularly big thing is believe in yourself.


Great write up. It happened to me too. But i was persistent and did not give up


such a motivational piece. thanks alot


Wait a second? You’re saying that getting sales on Fiverr isn’t magic or something everyone should be entitled to? - That’s mind blowing.


Oh, I am in Hell -.-


Level 1 ? :crazy_face:


yeah, Almost a year has passed. This is Living Hell :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
Chasing after BR, sleepless nights, No Vacation, etc. :disappointed_relieved:


oh my, I’ve dropped again to level 0 since (I forgot when), so I’m not living on Hell anymore :joy: but wait, where am I living now :thinking: :scream:

Yeah, same here, but never give up :sunglasses::+1:


Well written, exactly my thoughts. It takes time to break the $100 barrier, and it gets better soon!
My personal experience is once I got well in to the thousands, my orders started to drop, my past 2 years were terrible, back to well below a thousand. It hurts like hell.


Oh my God! It’s so hard!
I’m very new in this and in just one week I had 10 orders, I was so happy. Reaching the third week now and reaching level one too. But… I HAVE NO ORDERS :frowning: Am I reaching hell? What you did you do in this situation?


It always goes up and down, all the time.


First, I calmed down before I had an aneurysm. Then I watched Game of Thrones.

How everyone deals with stress is different. The main thing is to keep an eye on your blood pressure.

Otherwise, welcome to the wild ride of uncertainty that never ever stops. :wink:


You can study your target customers, and then market and promote to them, and convince them to hire you. You should not be expecting Fiverr to provide you with all of your customers.


What a better time to watch Game of Thrones! But it’s final season, then what?


So important to not let the amount of orders you get dictate your health!


I also not expected that .:joy:

I can see you haven’t deliver any order yet . Then may be you are working on it . :thinking:


Helpful post, thanks for the motivation :grinning:


Thanks a lot for motivating me :blush:


I want to escape this hell…:slightly_frowning_face: