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Level 1 Hell - Pass the test - New Sellers

For how long have you been level 1? If your still new it may take some time before you start seeing some orders. Take the time to edit your gigs, descriptions and tags. Send as many request in the BR section. You’ll start seeing orders coming in slowly. I noticed the same decline when I hit level 1. I have been in level 1 for more than a month now. Things have improved a little.


For a few weeks now. Glad things are working out for you.
I’m hopeful Yea.

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Absolutely true. This stuff doesn’t come overnight. You’ve got to be ready to break your back I guess.


what a good write up indeed

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Exactly :laughing::laughing:

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He must have impressed his first clients in such a way that they kept coming back to him and he got promoted fast. Like you said, he was talented, then may be this talent was what paved his/her way to success.

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I’d say it varies for everyone. Took me 1 week to make $900 :blush:

Yeah, I covered the fact that some people see more success than others and that it’s not to be measured against. There are always a few outliers. In your case, you made $900 in one week.

Congrats. A month later how is it going? Looks pretty slow when I checked your profile. But I hope you’re progressing.

If not, then your experience is exactly the type that I wrote this original post to help. The “sky high” of fast sales…to the gully of “where’d my sales go!?”

Good luck.

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In all fairness, the $900 came from one client. One great thing about sales is you never know who will walk in that day. Yeah, it is slow right now for me on Fiverr, but as a full time VO this of course isn’t my only source. Best of luck. 1 week until I am level one, can’t wait for the test!

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I agree. Level 1 is a big test. I have been there on level one and back down again. The lesson learnt is commitment. I will eventually make it.

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Funny & sad at the same time :joy: :sleepy:

Beautiful and Helpful article. It is also a Motivational article for the new seller.
Thank you so much mattvopro

thanks dude !
I was about to give up, because I spent almost 4 months in Fiverr but still have only one review and nothing else. I have good gigs with very low cost, I don’t know why I am not getting orders.
any way thanks for motivating and giving me hope.