Level 1 in a Day!


Wow - at midnight last night (or this morning, I suppose) I posted a thread about how I just completed my very first order. I decided to put up a second gig and made a video for it too. It’s been shown on the front page and so far I’ve gotten 10 orders today! I just hit Level One - I was expecting it to take another few weeks! Videos definitely make a difference!


At this rate I might have to extend the delivery time for the gig if they keep coming in at this rate! Not sure if I can handle 50 orders with a 3 day delivery time. Either that, or hire a staff of trained monkeys to do all the work and just kick back and relax :wink:

How do you go about managing the times when you get A LOT of orders in a single day?




Reply to @geekygood: Thanks my fellow level one rockstar :slight_smile:


Congrats! Im excited hitting lvl 1 soon too! :smiley:


Cool. Very fast. I was looking at your profile and it only shows two gigs. Which one is selling so fast?

NVM…I see.


Reply to @arnevb: Hopefully so, but hopefully not today! I don’t think I can handle 50 orders at once!


Reply to @zulualpha: It says you joined fiverr 1 year ago. So the one day doesn’t count because for a newbie to obtain level 1, we have to be at least 30 days old in fiverr.


Amazing ! Welcome to Selling on Fiverr and the Community !


Wow thats awesome!

Is the process to level up automated?

I made my first 10 gig sales within a week and still making and delivering sales with 100% but have not leveled up. Anyone have any thoughts?


Congratulations! Awesome!!!


Nice job! Welcome to the community!


I can feel that you are going to be the Top Rated Seller soon…hahaha


Thats great! Me too after i made 15 sales in a day, i became level 1 seller with my 8 gigs as express.

thanks fiverr your great market community. Now am aiming for level 2 before this month end. Its my target!! Oh God please help me achieve my target.

To Your Outstanding Success,



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Hello Anaxstudios,

Hope you are enjoying fiverr.com? To answer your questions,

visit: http://fiverr.com/levels

I hope this answers your quetions.

To Your Outstanding Success




Hey : Amazing for your evolution ! For me, well i am almost level 1 ! My gig works good, 100% good rating, 9 gigs, almost 10 and i will be level one !

I am very exited about this website ! Keep going !


Congratulations! I thought I was doing good, by making Level 1 in a week, but it just goes to show. There’s always room for improvement. My takeaway?

  1. Create a cool gig
  2. Add a video for it
  3. Post about the work you’re doing
  4. Add value (to gigs and buyers)
  5. Promote, promote, promote

    That’s gonna be my strategy now. fab fiverr. Lol.


Reply to @chaihock: true. it needs to be old 30 days in fiverr. anyway congratz for zulualpha


Please stop misleading people. You said you got level 1 in a day and from this heading many people thought its possible to get level 1 by joining fiverr and finishing 10 gigs. The point you have to make clear that you have joins fiverr almost a year ago.