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Level 1 Not Received: 50+ Orders in first month


I completed 1 month on Fiverr two days back. I have completed around 6 orders till now with 100% rating. I had a few late orders but no cancellations. I thought I would receive Level 1 now. Please let me know how I get it as I really need it for giving a good experience for the buyers of multiple gigs.


That’s strange you should be at least Level 1… :slight_smile: anyway you have 36 “thumbs up” probably I think you need to have more than 50 “thumbs up” (positive reviews) to be Level 2… :slight_smile: try to contact the Customer Support… :slight_smile:


Reply to @giworks: I thought they needed just 10 orders for level2 ? :open_mouth:


changed the question - I meant Level 1. I need Level 1 people ! :smiley: :slight_smile:


Can someone please shed some light on this?


I contacted Fiverr Support but no replies till now.


Be patient :slight_smile:

Hopefully your status will update soon.


I made 60+ orders in the first month itself. :’(


Gotcha. I pleaded and finally they gave me Level 2!

Thanks guys! :slight_smile: