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Level 1 not showing!


Hello, everyone,

i already sell 26 gigs. And last 7 gigs buyer give me positive rating BUT my rating not increasing , its still 94%.





I had the same issue, I’d recommend you to contact customer support , but meanwhile keep promoting your gig and providing excellent customer service



i already contact support but still they are not response.


Many of the analytics on Fiverr are compiled over a 30-day period. Also the ratings won’t be considered until the order has cleared (14 days if the buyer leaves a review; 17 days if not). So you just may need to wait a little longer before you see the change.


Your positive rating is correct. 94% is correct.

Problem is that you are getting “positive” reviews of 4.5 stars. Thats why % is not going up.

Positive reviews on page arent “positive”, that is overall reviews.

I calculated total of you ratings and it is exactly 94%. You need to get 5 stars to get this up. 4.5 will not increase it.

4.5 gigs are 90% of review.