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Level 1 Order Limits

Since the account demotions I’ve realized that level 1 sellers are penalized by only being allowed a certain number of orders before disappearing entirely from the search pages. Asking customer service what the limit is resulted in the usual “we can’t discuss the algorithm” cut and paste responses. I wondered if anyone had worked out the rules here? It would be great to get a better idea of the number of orders allowed and what this includes (eg. orders with incomplete requirements, delivered orders etc).

Anyone have any guesses?


If you noticed this, have you some idea of when it happened, after how many or your orders? When does your limit renew? This is interesting.

Have your impressions dropped to zero in the last 7 days, or the last 30 days?

Sometimes gigs disappear for other reasons such as no longer being something the editors want to promote.

It’s somewhere around 15 in active orders, but I’m not sure if it includes revisions, orders for which requirements haven’t yet been submitted, or delivered orders in the total number. When the active orders are delivered and the number drops, my gigs appear once again in my category within 2 - 12 hours, disappearing again the second active order number 14/15/16 is placed.

It’s definitely linked to a limit on the number, as I’ve been monitoring closely and it’s happened too regularly for coincidence. I’d just like to get some opinions on which orders this number includes specifically, if anyone else is facing a similar issue.


I’m a Top Rated Seller and I’ve noticed a limit too, generally only 7 orders waiting to be delivered. Sometimes it’s only 4. I will begin to monitor if these numbers include the orders that have been delivered but not completed. I think that if I include orders that have been delivered, I am allowed 14. I never realized my gigs were removed from the listings however, but I have noticed this limit.

I had a sense that my gigs were somehow limited once I hit 14 but still saw them in the listings but assumed that they were limited as to how many viewers could see them somehow.

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What is limiting your orders if the gigs are still showing in search? Do you think they’re only showing to you? That’s worrying. Up until the demotions, level 2 sellers were still shown with unlimited orders in the queue, my gigs still showed in the listings regardless of 10 or 100 orders in the queue.

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I’m not sure how it works. I know that 7 orders undelivered is my limit, and that limit can at times fill up in about two hours and stop suddenly. But my gigs are still there as always. I have always felt there was some mechanism, such as limiting how many actual viewers see them.

Maybe they are blocked from showing in all but one time zone in the US or some other way.
If I have no delivered but incomplete orders then I’m wide open again to fill up to 7 orders. And they all come in within about two hours.

I have at least 30 old orders that never started going back five years so that isn’t part of the equation.

I noticed the same when I was Level 2 as well. At least up until the January seller assessment, my Level 2 gigs did not appear to have an order cap (to appear in listings) either.

I see other TRS with over 30 orders in their queues but for me 7 active orders seems to be the limit. And my number of orders every month is almost exactly the same each month. It was much more diverse in the first months after the algorithm change but has leveled out now to a steady number each month. It’s regulated apparently or at least seems that way.

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This is exactly the same question I wanted to ask. I wonder if there are some hidden algorithm to limit seller’s orders in queue. My gig has disappeared from the search engine after the 10th order. I was a bit nervous.

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