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Level 1 problem


Hi…I have delivered 13 gigs successfully with 100% rating, and I didn’t been upgraded to level 1 seller…Why?


Hi samolxis, to become a level one seller you need to be on fiverr for a least a month, on your profile page it says that you joined 22 days ago so this is probably the reason.

I hope this helped. :slight_smile:


Oh, Thanks I didn’t know that!


You have to sell over 50 gigs too I think


Reply to @madmoo: Yeah forgot that’s level two


Stick with it! Work hard - it will pay off :slight_smile:


Really it doesnt matter much. Leveling just makes it easier to handle orders that are worth more than $5. You still make the same amount of money. leveling up only makes it easier on the buyer to purchase your gig … The seller still gets fist up butt because they make the same money anyway no matter what level you are.