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Level 1 promotion problem


I’ve completed 10 sales, 9 of them are 5 stars and one of them is 4.3 stars rating.
there is 2 repeated buyers
Why I haven’t got promoted ?


Until now I made 14 sales and still without promotion, could anyone help?


Re-read the requirements , you need to make X amount of $$ within X time I believe.
Could be wrong but you may just need to wait longer if you have the correct number of reviews and proper ratings from them. I think its the time you need to wait though. Don’t concern yourself with the ratings too much. You can always list your pricing out in the gig description. The “extras” from leveling up are just visuals that make it easier for the buyer.


I contacted support and they told me i made Terms of Service violation so i have to wait to get promoted,
Maybe because i put an advertisement to my gig in buyers requests, didn’t know it was against the rules before that,
I Just care about the level so the new buyers have some trust with the seller they will be dealing with, no more.
Thank You!


Yes, the frequent advertisement in the buyers request could even block your account. Buyers requests page is for buyers not for sellers to advertise their GIG.


@iahmedzzz dont advertise in buyer request they will reject your account


Thank You, I got this.


Well , that makes sense. I really hate when sellers post in the buyer’s request section…