Level 1 rating 100%


I was very happy coz i got level 1 but suddenly stop receiving orders why it happened. Guyz can you plz help me ?


your answer is " just"


I am presuming as there are a few spelling mistakes in your gig description. As a writer that needs to be completely free of mistakes in order to keep bringing the sales in. I mean in this post you see ‘coz’, ‘guyz’ and ‘plz’!



I’m having same problem since I leveled up.


Fiverr does slow down in sales from time to time, that could be what you are experiencing :slight_smile:



I slowed down considerably in sales last week, but this week it picked up. It seems to be the nature of the beast. Take the free time to tweak your gigs, think of new innovative ones, some interesting extras, new forms of promotion through social media, anything to keep driving the car forward even if the gas seems to have run low. :smiley: Good luck.