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Level 1 related question

According to fiverr i should be 30 days online on fiverr with low cancellation ration and atleast 10 individual orders to upgrade to level 1. Well there is a guy who needs 11 different logo animations so i wanted to know if he places those orders one after another will it be counted in 10 individual orders?

11 orders counted as 10 ? Did you mistype ? If these are ordered separately then yes they are counted as 10/11 orders.

Reply to @kay2809: No what i meant was if someone orders on my gig 10 different orders from a same account will it be counted as 10 individual orders and will i be upgraded to level 1?

Reply to @karannawain: You already seem to have completed more than 10 orders. How many days have you been active?

I’ve been active on 30 days but actually i have 33% cancellation ratio. Can you tell me how many more reviews i need to reach level 1?

Ok, for this percentage you have to do the math yourself from the analytics page.

And about the previous question, yes they will be counted as 10 orders if the buyer orders them separately.

It doesn’t matter you get all order separately or in quantity. Matter only this that you will get orders & that will count in orders. If you get 10 order in 4 gigs quantity that will count as 4 orders. I hope you understand me well.