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Level 1 Revoked - Very surprised

Hi All,

So today I received an email from Fiverr stating that my level 1 was revoked due to sharing of my email with a customer, the customer asked for my email to send me his Skype information as we needed to discuss more specifics of his requirements and due to the complexity of my services as a Software Engineer is a must that once in a while I do a call with customers.

What I am super sad about is that I worked so hard the last two weeks in getting all my orders in less than 3 hours, 100% customer service, and even added more work that it was required to make the customer happy but then I get an email from Fiverr punishing me for something that will just help me get gigs completed correctly.

I have 0 cancellations and all my customers are super happy. I honestly love the platform and I am pretty new here and would love to hear what I could do to get back to Level 1 and avoid things like this happening again.

Thank you all i appreciate your time :slight_smile:

ToS - no communication outwith Fiverr - that includes Skype and email, so you broke the rules twice I’m afraid.

Keep all communication via Fiverr’s message system and you’ll be within the rules.

If you have a gig that requires contact information exchange (like a Skype consultation) you must have the buyer send this information IN A DOCUMENT after an order has been placed, IN THE ORDER PAGE.

This way it is clear that you are not attempting to cut Fiverr out by making a deal elsewhere.

In the future, set your gigs requirements to have your buyer upload a file with relevant contact information for the gig. Be careful how you phrase this, though!

You can discuss everything you need to no matter how complex by the messaging system on fiverr.

I assure you that we all are able to comply with the terms of service without any problems.

It is not smart, even aside from the TOS, to discuss things outside of fiverr with buyers because then they can claim you promised things and ask for a refund and you have no proof of anything.

Keep every discussion on the messaging system and you will get back your level.

ok thank you guys I will make sure to communicate everything through chat for now on, I really appreciate your feedback :slight_smile: