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Level 1 Seller Advantages

Hey fellow sellers,

About a year ago I joined Fiverr and started selling Gigs. What I started with was the selling of basic websites. At that time I got quite a few negative reviews (mostly from buyers that didn’t read the Gig description very well). This was quite demotivating and I decided to quit Fiverr.

About a month - 2 months ago, I made the courageous decision to make my way back in, despite the low positive rating I had to deal with (around 70%). I tipped all my previous Gigs aside and started with some fresh ones. Gigs that required me to work harder for what the buyers would pay. I am now slowly starting to generate more sales and ever since I joined Fiverr again I have only had 5 star positive reviews. Today I have a positive rating of about 86% and thus very close to go up a level (level one!). Seems like the hard work has paid off.

Now that I am this close to leveling up, I was wondering what the advantages are as a level one seller. My image of the advantages (unordered):

  • Potential buyers can see that you are a level one seller, meaning they will place orders more easily.
  • You can add more extra’s to your Gigs.
  • You can ask more money on custom offers.
  • You can add more Gigs (currently only 7).
  • You can offer your services on custom requests.

    Is this image somewhat correct? Are there other advantages I am missing or getting wrong here? Did you notice a remarkable change after leveling up (increased sales and other)?

    I am very eager to level up! It’s about time.

    Looking forward on your responses!