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Level 1 seller But not get enough job


Hello to all, its been 2 month after reaching level 1 seller. After this I haven’t get enough job. I got only 10 job in 2 month. I always try to sent 10 buyer request daily. Do you have any soultion? How can I improve more sells??
Thank you


Well, and I ask this of everyone who complains about not having enough sales… what are you doing to market and promote your gig? It is up to YOU to build your success. No one else is going to do it for you. Success requires hard work. What kind of hard work are you doing to promote your gig(s)?


I always promote my gig share my gigs in Twitter, facebook and linked also… I have some own bolgs I give advertising at my blogs also.


Your last delivery was 4 days ago. It is a holiday time. Just be patient. Best wishes for 2017.


Thank you for tthe suggestion.
Yes but I got that job after 23 days.
Thank you again.


You should work hard in driving traffic to your gig, am not even a level 1 seller but I know much about traffic I have been on Fiverr for almost 20 days and I have no seal, I can quit but still work hard to sustain the stand of my business… That business protocol


Thank you very much. :relaxed: