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Level 1 seller, but not getting order, very sad and disappointed

Hey Everyone! This is Sachin, feeling very bad right now. before 5 days impression and clicks are good and my Gig lies b/w 4th and 5th page but currently, my gig is disappeared from the search result and the impression goes almost 0. I have promoted gig button but impressions and clicks are also very low here. no idea what should I do.


Hey mate, almost same situation here
I m very close to become level 1 seller and have all positive good feedbacks.
Suddenly Don’t know why my Gigs i.pressipns are going down and conversion also. I don’t have any idea why this is happening.

Wait for level 2. Then your gig will rank again[date=2021-06-15] :love_letter: :love_letter:

but this is painful…

same situation mate just be patient and wait for the better days to come all the best and hope you get orders soon.

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active on fiverr and it will help you

In the same situation, I’m a level 2 seller
last 7 days no orders :pensive:

any idea, why this happen…

Lot of people have faced this issue! may be a bug

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It’s not a bug.

Don’t use promoted gigs on your main gig. Use it on a gig that’s not as important for you and experiment.


I used promoted gigs on a different gig but all my gigs went down at once, I don’t know the reason but avoiding promoting main gig is not a solution as per my experience

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I also have the same issue! may be a bug! may be not! I don’t know for sure


In your case, you were removed from search because you had some bad reviews most likely.

I have a friend who has 100+ reviews (All 05 stars) , not a single late delivery or cancellation but all of his gigs also have at the last page since two weeks

May be/ May be not! but there are top rated sellers who has pushed down to the bottom of the search, there are so many threads in the forum

I am also facing this situation

No one knows the reason why people are removed.

What I do know is whenever I had a bad review, cancellations, etc, I was removed from search for a bit. There are also private, secret reviews that customers can leave, and those can also lead to you being removed. So there are all kinds of things.