Level 1 Seller criteria [ANSWERED]


What are the requirements for me to become a level 1 seller on Fiverr?


Here’s where you find all you need about the Levels: https://www.fiverr.com/levels

Basically you need to meet these goals to become L1:

  • 30 days active on Fiverr
  • Completed at least 10 individual orders
  • Maintain a 4 star rating and above
  • Have a low cancellation rate


I do really appreciate this info you just gave me.


Hello @thewatchman317

you are doing good just get 4 more order you will going to level 1 seller on it.
after that just work hard and get 50 order within 2 month you will also get level 2
keep your buyer happy and one day you will also get Top level seller
Hoping best future in your criteria
Best of luck

Best regards,