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Level 1 seller in a week! How exciting

Hello everyone.

I have been on fiverr for years but I was a buyer not seller.

I decided a few weeks ago to start selling some services and in 9 days I hit level one seller… I am so excited & totally addicted to the cause…

Currently away on holidays and have been getting up at 7am and sitting in the car doing voice overs haha!

I have to say custom offers are amazing & really utilize buyers requests - this is where I have gotten alot of my work from.

Enjoying & loving my fiverr journey, can touch and feel the top rated seller badge… next goal tho seller 2 by 15th of April.

Much love Emma <3


Congratulations. Best wishes for your future success! :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you very much. I hope you are keeping well <3

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Next Level 02
Keep going and make everything successful
congratulations to you

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